R.J Classics Xtreme Product Review!

R.J Classic Xtreme Show Coats (grey label collection) are the best. Their standards are comfort, stretch, washable, and soft-shell.

Comfort is important because during the long days at the show with the sun constantly on you, the last thing you want is to be uncomfortable. These coats are flexible, breathable, and fashion forward.

The next standard is stretch. These coats are easy to move in and are never tight around your shoulders or elbows. This helps with two point so that you don’t get choked up in your arms, making your equitation go downhill.

Washable. I wash this coat after every time I ride in it. With my luck, you would need to!  You can also put these coats in the dryer. I love that you don’t need to pay extra to have them dry- cleaned! There is no specific detergent you need either. Sure these coats might cost more, but you will save money in the end!

These coats are labeled as soft- shell for a few reasons. One of them is that the texture is not rough, but almost thin and that the material is, again, so breathable.

You can buy the R.J Classics Xtreme Show Coat online at http://www.rjclassics.com/c/ladies_show-coats or you can usually buy them at your local tack shop. They come in blue, black, green, and much more!

I would rate these coats a 10/10!

(Cost for the grey label collection: $230.00)

Julia And Flirt

Hey everyone! I’ve decided that today I’m going to help you guys get to know flirt and I better since I never really told you all about me (or flirt!).

10 facts about me:

1. I’ve been riding for 5 years

2. I’ve leased 3 horses

3. I am a freshman (😅😱)

4. I am 13 years old

5. I show in the Intermediate Childrens (2’6)

6. I’ve riden at two different barns with different trainers

7. I live in Ohio

8. I can ride my bike to my barn

9. I’ve never wrote for a blog or article before The Preppy Equestrian Blog

10. My first day of school is today

10 facts about Flirt!!

1. She is a Dutch Warmblood

2. She is imported

3. She is 16 years old

4. She was a jumper before she came to the USA

5. She doesn’t have a mare-ish attitude

6. She’s been with me for 8 months and she will be with me for 4 more months

7. She has four white socks

8. She has a really big blaze

9. She likes to pretend she’s lame before we ride to try and get out of work

10. She only gets riden 5 days a week (if that)

I hope you guys enjoyed learning a bit more about flirt and I!  Sorry this is short… school has started and its been crazy!

  • Julia (nikonh0rse)♥


Handling School and Riding

With school just around the corner, us equestrians have to start thinking about school and how we are going to balance it with riding. Here is one way you can ride and focus on school for the next 9 months.

After you come home from school every day, sit down right away and do all your homework. Then study for an upcoming test for 30 mins at least. After that go to the barn and limit yourself at 2.5-3 hours. Once you are home, shower and change then study for that same test or other tests you have coming up. Try to go to bed at a reasonable time (10:30 would be a reasonable time for me).

Another way to balance times is to get a calendar and use it to help you plan your time. You can buy calendars that let you write a ‘top 3’ for the day and they give you boxes almost like a graphic organizer to plan your day.  This may sound silly to some serious riders but if your entire day is filled with school work, either give your horse the day off, have someone else ride them, or go to the barn and turn them out or lunge them.

If your planner looks like this Home Executive open

then its most likely not a good idea to actually ride your horse that day. Take time to do homework then use one of the options i said above.

If your planner looks like this


you should be good to go ride that day, but make sure your school work happens first.

I hope this article will help you balance your school work and horse life!

@nikonh0rse Julia♥

How To Handle Moving Barns

Hi everyone! This is the first time I’m announcing this, but my barn is switching facilities. We are doing this to have our own property, which is great! But it’s not this easy for everyone. Some people have to completely move barns, trainers, and horses. I have been through that and I’m writing this to help you guys get through this yourself if you are in this position.

Finding A Barn

Finding a barn that you like is the most important part because you don’t want the same experience to happen again. To find a barn you like, do online research to just find any barns near you that would be available to go to. Don’t look at barns that wouldn’t be available for you to go to, just in case you absolutely love it and your hopes would get down. Once you find barns near you, pull out the ones that are the correct discipline. Take a lesson or two at the ones you are most interested in then go from there.

How To Tell Your Trainer

This is the hardest part. All trainers react differently to a student saying that they are moving barns. Some would say they are happy for you while others would be angry and want to question you.

To tell your trainer, ask them to come someone separate at the barn where no one is around. Tell them that you are going to be moving barns then say why without letting them talk in between. If a trainer is happy for you they will act cool with it and say something like “okay I hope you will progress at your new barn.” If a trainer is mad they will start to question you and you have to be upfront and say that you are not happy at the barn you are at.


Hope this helps anyone in a tough barn situation!

@nikonh0rse Julia

Grooming Hacks!


Hey everyone! Every horse has their loves and hates. If some of those bad things are part of your grooming routine, keep reading to learn some hacks for grooming to keep the process comfortable and stress free!

Fly Spray


Does your horse not like fly spray on their face? Use rub on fly gel! Rub on fly gel is basically the same as fly spray but it is in gel form. It won’t scare the horses because it is basically you rubbing your horses head. (You can buy this at any tack shop! )
Make it a positive experience.
I had a horse named Noble who was absolutely terrified of the smell and feel of fly spray. If this is the case for your horse make sure to introduce any form of fly spray slowly!
How to: This fly gel works on legs too but don’t use it on their body as it makes them look slippery and greasy!

Hoof Polish

Did you know that hoof polish actually is really bad for your horses hooves? Despite looking good on your horse, it rots their hooves away… solution? Effol hoof gloss!
This hoof gloss makes your horses hooves look the same as they would with hoof oil but without the possible harm. Effol is good for protecting your horses hooves from water (apply before a bath), making the hooves shiny for shows and it also strengthens the hoof!
How to: Apply with the brush In the packaging on all 4 hooves before riding or doing just about anything with your horse!

Mane and Tail Brushing



When your horses mane and tail get tangled you have 2 options. Brush out the tail or use conditioner!
Brushing: make sure to start from the bottom and brush in small sections then work you way up. This is so you don’t pull out much tail to maintain a thick and healthy tail. For the main just brush it to the right side (the correct side for showing English) normally!
Conditioner: I recommend Cowboy Magic conditioner. When using it on a tail, just put some on your hands and rub it all over the tail then brush starting at the bottom. This makes your horses tail look shiny and sleek. For the mane, apply like you did for the tail then brush the main to the preferred side!

Hope these hacks helped you guys and I hope you try some!
Until next time,
Julia (@nikonh0rse)♥

Interview with @them.7.minis on Instagram!

Hello everyone! I’m Julia ( @nikonh0rse ) and I am a new blogging intern for The Preppy Equestrian Blog. I’m so excited to be here!

For my first article, I have interviewed @them.7.minis on Instagram and I also got to know her favorite riding outfit which I have for you guys to see!

Them 7 minis

Q: When did you decide you wanted to get a mini/ work with minis?

A: About 2 years ago I was just going through the YouTube and I saw @1itscrunchtime1 video and I thought it was honestly the coolest thing ever and I really wanted to try it myself

Q: Are you looking to get more than 7 minis eventually or train and sell minis in the future?

A: I do want to rescue/train/sell minis when I become older, and I’m hoping to maybe get one more mini cause I really wanna breed Pickles and Toby

Q: Will you show your minis someday?

A: I want to but there are no mini shows near me

Q: How do you manage all of your horses plus school and social life?

A: Honestly it’s really hard I don’t ever really get to have a social life with friends from school but I somehow manage to get all my horses and minis out 3-4 times every week

Q:What is your favorite riding outfit?

A: I love my @anniesusa light pink breeches with my @anniesusa white shirt and my equine couture bling belt.

You guys can click on the quick links to get to the website where she got her outfits from! I personally love the Annies breeches myself! Kaila (them.7.minis) is sponsored by Annies breeches and if you look through any of her accounts, you can see her wearing most or all of the pieces of the outfit. Kalia’s accounts are @them.7.minis , @stride.to.jump , @@caviars.journey , and @hoof.haven.farms .

I hope you guys enjoyed this interview with @them.7.minis! Any requests? Comment them below! (It doesn’t have to be interviews!)

See you all soon!