Staying Fit and Healthy For Equestrians


Eating healthy and staying fit as an equestrian is very important not only for the horse but for you! Feeling strong and healthy will help improve your mood and your horses.

  • Workout: These exercises help improve your core, posture and leg position.
  • Do these exercises for 30 seconds each.

1: leg spreaders   2: leg lifts  3: supine bicycle

4: plank   5: squats  6: wall squats   7: hip raise

If you don’t know how to do these there’s many YouTube videos showing you how to do all of these positions. 👊🏻

Eating healthy: Here’s tips and ideas of healthy foods you can eat for less!

Most local grocery stores have fruits, veggies and healthy options for great prices.

Snack ideas: A handful of veggie chips, any fruit, a spoonful of peanut butter, protein bar are all things I love to snack on before I head to the barn or just in the afternoon.

Main course meals: A big salad with some protein like almonds or avocado if you don’t eat meat and chicken, beef or bacon if you do. I also love gluten free pastas, steamed veggies or a yummy soup!

Feeling refreshed and calm: I use Young Living’s Stress Away Essential oil to help me relax and you can even put it in your Epsom salt and add it to your bath!! There’s many different oils you can use, my favorites are Lavender, Stress Away and Lemon, they smell amazing in a bath. There’s many ways you can use YL oils on your horse at the barn like mixing  coconut oil, Lavender and Copaiba oil in a small mason jar to make a calming blend for your horse!!! My horse also likes smelling Sacred Mountain oil straight out of the bottle. If you’re interested in oils for you and your horse check out my cousin and I’s website for more!!

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How To Find Confidence Again After A Bad Fall Or Ride

Finding Confidence: I have had a hard past two months with my horse from pitching fits to rearing up and hitting my face, sometimes rides like that make us lose confidence or get scared to get back on our horse. Those two months I got angry or cried because I didn’t understand why my horse was acting this way instead of paying attention and fixing the problem. It took me setting goals and understanding why my horse was angry with me but every rider is different. I takes spending time with your horse, riding for fun, being positive and asking your trainer questions and letting them know your scared or don’t feel confident. I still get scared every now and then but I know I would never quit or give up on my horse because this is my passion and what I love doing.

How To Recover From a Bad Fall: I haven’t fallen in a while but when I have it has scared me or made me lose some confidence but every fall is different or more serious. If you’ve had a bad fall and you’re not sure you want to get back on tell your trainer because sometimes you could be really hurt or scared. If you have been hurt from a fall then you should take things slow and do things on the ground with your horse to regain your strength or confidence. I have  had a few scary falls where I didn’t get that chance to tell my old trainer how I felt after, I totally regret that because I was scared for a while after that. Taking things slow and getting to trust your horse again is the best way to recover from a fall.

A Little Bit About The Oily Stable

Hi, I’m Hannah and I run The Oily Stable with my cousin Miranda! Today I’m going to share a little about our mission and our products! 

I have been using essential oils for a few years but never on my horse till this past April when I trailered Phippen across the US! I fell in love with using natural and pure products on my horse and now I use them in my everyday life!

“The Oily Stable is our way of providing equestrians with products that not only address their riding challenges but also help them rest and address needs elsewhere. Our hope is to help young riders reach their full potential in all areas life—whether in the stable, at school, or in their social lives. Every equestrian deserves to train and participate in this sport while also leading a fun, healthy, and joyful lifestyle.We’re striving to get rid of as many toxic chemicals from the barn as possible. We aren’t where we want to be just yet, but we are researching, finding, and creating DIY blends and recipes and using the oils often on both horse and rider with success!” 

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Four Exercises To Help You Bond With Your Horse

Here’s a exercises and tips that can help you bond and understand your horse more.

Exercise 1: Lunging

Lunging your horse is a great way to build trust and get some energy out. When I first got Phippen I lunged him for a month before I got on. to  I wanted build up trust and see how he moved from the ground. Free lunging is a great trust exercise as well because once you’re finished you can see if your horse joins up and follows you around. If your horse doesn’t follow you then send him/her back out to be lunged and try again.  


Exercise 2: Grooming

Horses love o be groomed and loved on, I know grooming is a great way to build trust because that’s what helped Phippen get comfortable with me petting him and putting his saddle on. Here’s a photo of him standing there for me so I can take his braids out.


Exercise 3: Watch How Your Horse Responds to things

It’s great to feel around your horse or to watch him/her play in the pasture so you can see what your horse likes or doesn’t like. For instance if you’re touching his face and he pins his ears back he probably doesn’t like that. I think this is great for when you first get your horse because you’re trying to learn its ticks.        


Exercise 4: Discipline 

When you own a horse you don’t want to baby it, sometimes it can make the horse feel scared or try to get away with things. When they spook instead of taking them away from it bring them back to what they spooked at until they’re okay with the object. If they bite you say no or tap their muzzle. I wouldn’t never hit any horse in the face but I do tap if they’re biting. 

I hope y’all enjoyed this article and it helped you with your horse.

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Six Fun Things To Do At The Barn If It’s Raining

IMG_6539.JPG If it’s too rainy to ride here’s a few fun things you can do with horse or around the barn. 

1. Give your horse a nice warm bath.IMG_6726.JPGUse this day to pamper the stink out of your horse’s coat, mane and tail. Don’t forget to give him a few treats. 😉

 2. Have a silly photo shoot in your horses stall and give he/she lots of pats and kisses.IMG_6309.jpg All of Phippen and I selfies turn out like this. 😂 

3. Clean your tack and organize your saddle pads, or tack trunk.IMG_5477.JPGThe best days are the days with a clean saddle and organized tack trunk. Personally I love cleaning tack and organizing!

4. Try a new braid on your horse’s mane or tail. IMG_6765.JPG I love to braid Phippen’s mane or tail, plus I’m trying to get his mane all on one side.

5.  Muck your horses stall or see what your coach needs help with.IMG_5316.JPGSometimes it’s fun to do chores, especially on a boring rainy day. Ps. I love mucking stalls and cleaning anyway. ❤️

6.  Play in the rain!IMG_0004.jpg If it isn’t storming go outside and jump in puddles, sometimes it’s fun to let go and dance in the rain. There’s always something positive in something you see as boring or negative.

Thank you so much for reading! 

I hope y’all have a great rest of the weekend!

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Perfect Riding Shirts For Fall & Winter


Everybody wants to stay warm while they ride in the Fall or Winter so here’s a few cute shirts that get the job done!!!

Tailored Sportsman Ice Fill Shirt


I’m in love with my new hunter green colored shirt, it’s comfy, soft and breathable. This shirt is great for temperatures around the 50’s to 80’s and also super stylish for shows, pictures and riding. I give this shirt an 8 1/2 out of 10 stars.

If it’s super chilly and you’d like to accessorize you could buy a vest to match your shirt! I got this cute vest from Old Navy knowing that I’d be getting it dirty. Here’s a look at how it complements and adds to color!


Ariat Ultimo Sweater


This is such a pretty sweater from Ariat that’s perfect for layering. I recommend this shirt for winter because of its thickness. I’d say this shirt is great for weather around the 30’s to 50’s and I vote it a 9 out of 10 stars for sure! 

Polo Short Sleeve Sweater


This is a super cool polo that’s warm, comfy, cool for riding and hanging around the barn. I think this is awesome for temperatures around 60’s to 70’s due to it being short-sleeved and I give it a 7 1/2 out of 10. 

Here’s the  list websites that sell the shirts:

Dover Saddlery

Smart Pak

Polo Ralph Lauren


Old Navy

Thank you so much for reading!

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How To Help Improve Your Horse’s Topline


It’s hard to ride a horse without a top line because they’re usually weak, sore and unbalanced because they don’t have strong muscles to help move them forward. So I’m going to share with you a few exercises I’ve been using on my Thoroughbred the past few months to help gain weight and muscle mass. 


Many people think their horse raising its head or having a shortened neck is building their top line but it’s actually doing the opposite and putting stress on your horses body.

It’s very important to have a loose rein and let your horse stretch its head down because that’s helping them loosen up and build topline.

Exercise 1:

Building Topline At The Trot:

At the trot I use my legs on Phippen the whole time to keep him forward and he starts to lower his head and have a nice lengthy trot. I also do lots of serpentine, circles and trot across the diagonals.

Exercise 2: 

Encouraging A Soft Mouth:

My horse loves to raise his head and sometimes take the bit away so my coach and I have been working on that with him so he can engage his topline. If he takes the bit away we softly start to flex side to side to encourage him to give me his mouth back and to bring his head down.

Exercise 3:

Trotting Poles and Lateral Work:

Trotting poles are a great way to engage your horses topline because it encourages the horse to move forward and stay lifted and balanced. Lateral work is using leg yields encourages the horse to step under and engage their topline.


Thank you so much for reading! I hope these exercises help you with your horses topline!

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Tips To Help Prevent A Stressful Horse Show

Everyone loves to have a easy horse show without stress, injuries and mistakes so here’s some tips I use before the big day!IMG_0009.PNG

 The Day Before The Show:

The day before the show I go out to the barn and give whatever horse I’m riding a good bath, check their body for any injuries and clean my saddle, bridle and martingale. I also load the trailer with my tack, grooming supplies and miscellaneous things I might need.

The Night Before The Show:

I go home eat a healthy dinner, lay out all my show clothes, pack my ringside bag and clean my boots. I set my alarm on my phone, brush my teeth and get as many hours of sleep I need before I wake up.

Things In My Ringside Bag:


Horse Treats

Measuring Tape


YL Essential Oils

My Show Helmet

A Crop

Phone Chargers

My Wallet

The Horses Papers

The Day Of The Show:

I wake up early, head to the Barn, load the horse and head off. Once I get to the show I unload the horse, fill up water buckets, throw in some hay and get started on unloading the trailer. Depending on the show I bring my tack trunk, saddle rack and stall decor to set up. I go with my coach and sign up for the classes I’m doing and get my number. Then I groom the horse, tack up and school as much as I can before my class. When I school I usally practice what I need to work on and jump a course similar to what I’m showing in.  If you’re on new horse I reccomend doing warm up classes so you can get a feel of how the horse acts in shows. If I have free time I usally grab a bite to eat and  take pictures! Right before I enter the show ring a let out a deep breath and try to shake off my nerves. Once I’m done with all my classes I thank my coach, parents and family for coming and supporting me. When the show is over and it’s time to go I pack up my tack and load the horse into the trailer and head back. Showing isn’t about ribbons, money or what horse you’re riding. It’s about having fun, doing your best and treating the horse the way you want to be treated.

I hope ya’ll enjoyed my show tips!!! 🙂

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My Favorite Tack Brands

Hi guys I’m Hannah and in this blog post I’ll be reviewing some of my favorite tack brands I use for Phippen! 

My First Favorite Tack Brand:  EquiFit Original Front Boots for my jumping lessons with Phippen. I love these so so much because they’re comfortable, easy to wash and put on! I highly recommend these for all jumpers and they’ve got many new styles for a great price for the comfort it’s bringing to the horse.



My Second Favorite Tack Brand:  E.C Equestrian’s Saddle Pad that I use for every lesson! I love this saddle pad because it’s comfy, easy to wash and hardy fabric! I recommend her products for every equestrian! Her Instagram is E.c._Equestrian. Check it out for amazing products and tack!! If you’re intrested in buying my coupon code is Hannah10! 🙂


My Third Favorite Tack Brand: Smart Pak Breathable Girth and I love it so much! It looks like a nice leather girth, is super breathable and it’s perfect for hot days. I recommend for anyone having lessons or schooling! 


My Fourth Favorite Tack Brand: Plymouth Raised Fancy Stitch Bridle by Smart Pak. It’s perfect for schooling and lessons. I have been using it for 4 or 5 months now and I love how it stays in excellent condition.images.jpeg

Thank you everyone for reading! 🙂 

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