My Favorite Things

Equestrian Fashion has always been one of my absolute favorite things to wear, look out, drool over, etc. Here are just a taste of my go to equestrian shops and items for horse and rider

  • Equestri Lifestyle is hands down my go to store to purchase clothing from. Alexa is so incredibly sweet and easy to deal with and all their products are FANTASTIC. They are always up to date on the latest fashion trends and have fabulous prices. They also have an amazing consignment and sale section. screen-shot-2016-12-21-at-2-34-42-pm
  • CWD is the only type of saddle I will allow on my horses. The leather is always buttery soft and comfortable for both horse and rider. Shout out to the best Sales Rep ever Turea (NJ) screen-shot-2016-12-21-at-2-43-06-pm
  • E.C. Equestrian (saddle pad shown above with CWD) is my FAVORITE for ANYTHING saddle pad related. She also specializes in stirrup covers, saddle covers, polos, etc- basically anything that can be sewn, Elizabeth can make and make is phenomenally.  All my show horses school and show in her items. And to be honest, I’d be lost without her friendship.
  • The Oily Stable is new to the equestrian community but oh my goodness, I HIGHLY recommend them! They are an essential oil based business specializing in the benefits that oils have for horses and their riders ( I also use them on my babies). My favorite oils so far are peppermint and lavender <– only thing that helps my 6 week old sleep.img_8453
  • ColorTack is my new addiction! So far I have 3 different colored sets of spurs and I’m definitely getting more. Totally hooked! They are “beautiful custom colored spurs and stirrups, finished with a space age polymer ceramic finish.” They are beautifully paired with my new DeNiro custom boots.screen-shot-2016-12-21-at-2-57-07-pm
  • DeNiro : Being so short and having such large calves (thanks parentals for the weird genes) every boot I get has to be custom. UGH! So, I’m always used to spending an arm and a leg to get that nice boot. I’ve tried literally every brand you can think of and was just semi happy with the outcome until I tried DeNiro Boots. Not only were the fully custom ones ridiculously affordable, but they are also so beautiful, hold up well and are so comfy. I will NEVER use another brand ever again.
  • Ogilvy: They speak for themselves. They are the best half pads I’ve ever used and the fact that you can fully customize them is amazing.
  • SmartPak : I have about a million horses on their supplements right now. I’m the least organized person ever and their system works wonders for me and my horses. I also have to give a huge shout out to them with their shipping. Holy moly do they get you your items fast! I can order a Smartpak item and a Dover item at the same time- Smartpak will be there the next day and Dover takes weeks. Smartpak, you are the Santa Claus of shipping.
  • Millbrook Leathers: I honestly see a huge difference in my leg with their stirrup leathers. I was loosey goosey after coming back to riding after my maternity leave and my leg literally does not move now.
  • White Horse Couture makes the most stunning browbands ever. Literally, Princess worthy. I love all things glitter and they DO NOT disappoint. They are the Starbucks of browbands and oh my do I LOVE Starbucks
  • KASK Their helmets are my new obsession. They’re beautiful, functional, classy and most importantly keep your brains safe.screen-shot-2016-12-21-at-3-10-51-pm
  • Shapleys : I couldn’t be as successful as I am in the Hunter ring if it weren’t for Shapleys. I tend to choose animals with a ton of chrome and their products make my horses shine and sparkle.
  • OnTyte are the best show jumping stirrups. Their magnetic system gives you the perfect ride every time and you never have to worry about losing your stirrup over that triple again!



I could add about 100 more items to this list but that would take all year! But, here are my absolute favorites. Enjoy!

Juggling Babies and Horses While Still Keeping Your Sanity

As a mother of two, I’m still trying to figure out how to be 100% successful at juggling my lifelong passion and career while being a successful mother and future wife. Thank goodness for my supportive family who help me out as much as they can because if I didn’t have them, I’d never be able to ride.
For any mom out there who have young children, here are some helpful tips on being able to ride and still be there for your infants or toddlers (these are all ideas if you are not dropping your kids off at daycare)

  • reproduce with a supportive significant other- sad but true. Too many men aren’t there for their spouses like they should be when the children are younger. Luckily, my fiancé is the kindest, most helpful man to ever exist.
  • pack and play playpens(and get the mosquito nets)- for real, you can put one in your tack room or a shady spot outside the ring or barn (please people, lets not bring baby into the paddocks or stalls with the horses) and away you go.
  • Invest in an electronic nanny aka ipad, DVD player, TV-whatever! Now, I don’t necessarily do this but for some kids this is ideal if you want to get some quick saddle time.
  • Be prepared- If you plan on spending more time than a nano second at the barn, make sure you bring snacks, lunch, drinks, milk, toys, whatever is necessary to keep the baby quiet and happy during your barn time.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help- Family and friends are usually more than willing to watch your child quick while you ride. Accept any help offered.
  • Don’t buy that custom saddle- sometimes it’s just too hard financially to “keep up with the joneses” and have kids. Lowering your barn bill will make it more acceptable to have the horses if every penny isn’t going to them.
  • Make sure you spend plenty of time with your significant other- by doing this, your spouse won’t resent the horses and your life will be way easier-trust me. Involve him as much as possible and keep him/her in the loop.
  • If you own a horse, try and do a half lease on them to a reliable outsider. You won’t make it to the barn everyday but with a half lease, you’ll know your trusty steed is taken care of and well exercised. You don’t want to deal with babies all day and then come to your normally wonderful gelding who has now turned into a fire breathing dragon because you missed 4 days of riding.
  • If you’re getting a new horse, make sure it looks similar to your old one. Family and friends won’t question it. Totally kidding on this one but semi serious 😉
  • Go home and have a glass of wine, you’re doing the best you can.Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 5.47.06 PM.png