Keeping Their Brain In The Game

Let’s just admit it, horses are basically giant, fluffy goldfish. They are scared of invisible

one of my favorite comics about spooky horses!

monsters or even the ever so famous demon, plastic bag *gasp*. With a brain just a bit bigger than a walnut, it makes it easy to get unfocused and bored just doing the same ole’ thing every day. If I were them, I wouldn’t want to jump colored sticks or make fancy circles every day either. It is super important to keep the goldfish happy by keeping their brain happy.


With a brain just a bit bigger than a walnut, it makes it easy to get unfocused and bored just doing the same ole’ thing every day. If I were them, I wouldn’t want to jump colored sticks or make fancy circles every day either. It is super important to keep the goldfish happy by keeping their brain happy and mix up the routine. Even just spending a day giving them a good bath and some treats rather than helps. I have compiled a list of my top 6 favorite things to do outside of the ring with my horses that keep their brains happy and healthy.


1. Going For A Walk!Screenshot 2018-01-07 23.12.38

This is hands down one of my favorite things to do with any of my horses. Liam loves to see his buddies outside in the fields and grab the occasional mouthful of grass, no matter how much I dislike it later while cleaning his bit. Oh well, happy horse, happy life right? This can be done on or off horseback but if you don’t feel like walking on foot the whole time, bring your helmet along so you can hop on if needed.


2. Spa Day!

Screenshot 2018-01-07 23.13.20

Owning two grey horses means that these kinds of days happen a bit more frequently than any of the others on this list, especially since Pearl loves to roll in whatever will make her dirtiest. To learn how I keep my grey as white as possible you can check out my article about it here! Use this time to really scrub out the dirt and give your horse a good massage. When they feel good, they act that way as well.




3. Mini Photoshoot!Screenshot 2018-01-07 23.14.04

As I am an obsessed pony mom, I do these a ton. Taking the time to brush your horse and take some photos is always fun. Plus you get those fun snapshots you can annoy, sorry I mean show off to every single person you meet! If you are feeling super into it, you can even book a pro photographer to go and get high-quality photos of you and your fur babies together. If you don’t want to drop a large sum of money on that, enlist a friend with a camera or even just a camera phone to help you out!


 4. Cuddle Time!screenshot-2018-01-07-23-14-36.png

I live for cuddle days. Just sitting around and spending time with my babies make my day twenty times better. Liam loves his neck scratched and when we have cuddle days, I grab that curry comb and become his personal itching post. Pearl, on the other hand, loves to just be pet, no matter where. And when your attention wavers from her, even for a moment, she likes to make it known that she is the princess and demands the pets commence with a good hard booty bump.


5. Treat Fest!

All photo credits to Hunt Club & Inside Turn

This option is very popular amongst my food motivated equines. I really love to make homemade treats and then have a treat fest where the ponies get to choose what they want. If you want a good recipe, check out Hunt Club’s pony poptart recipe here. Eventually, they are all cut off and any leftovers go into the barn community treat jar so every horse can enjoy some spoiling.


6. An Off Day!Screenshot 2018-01-07 23.16.57

This may seem odd but giving a horse an extra day off, even if it just every now and again, can be really helpful. I know I love when I have a long weekend and can delay going back to school/work so why wouldn’t they?


Bonus: Clean Your Tack!

Screenshot 2018-01-07 23.17.28This one is a bit more geared towards the rider but it helps to horse out too. If your saddle is hard and uncomfortable, you don’t ride at your best. When you don’t ride at your best, your horse can’t perform at its best. If you clean your tack often, give yourself a pat on the back and keep doing what you are doin’!


I hope y’all enjoyed my top 6 favorite things to keep your horse’s brain happy. If you have any questions feel free to DM on instagram @equestrian.syd !


Until next time preps,

Sydney & The Ponies

Riding With Chronic Pain

In November of 2017, I was diagnosed with genu varum or better known as bowleggedness. It means that the bones in my legs are bowed outward rather than straight. On top of this, I have a medial rotation of my kneecaps, aka my knees turn inwards. The combination of these two things makes things like walking and standing for long periods of time very painful. Long story short, regular everyday things are painful for me if it requires me to be on my feet. Sadly, the only way to truly fix either or both of these problems in big surgeries and if I get just one, that doesn’t guarantee that I won’t need the other.

Over the course of the past year, this pain has started to leak into my riding. I couldn’t ride more than 30-45 minutes at a time without considerably long breaks in between. With my wanting to become more competitive, add more horses to my string, and become a better rider, this pain was a big roadblock holding me back. Most of the time, I would try to push through the pain, but at some point, enough becomes enough. Taking time off was not an option for me, so I had to figure out a system to help me be my best and avoid pain.

After much research and discussions with my doctor, we decided to try physical therapy with bracing and a really cool pair of stirrups from MDC Stirrups. The stirrups have a wide tread that allows for more stability as well as a swiveling top that turns to 45º or 90º. By having the top that turns, it helps to reduce the rotation of the knee/ankle needed to keep the foot straight. In my opinion, it is genius.IMG_1579_Facetune_04-01-2018-01-16-52 With my physical therapist, I do exercises tailored to me and my needs that help to build up muscles in my legs. By building the muscles up, it helps to keep everything in place and not hitting any other bones, tendons, ligaments, etc, leading to less pain. When I ride, I also tape my knees with kinesiology tape. The tape, though it seems like it doesn’t do anything, actually helps to connect muscles and give them support. In doing so, it helps the muscles work more efficiently and makes it so they do not fatigue as easily. After working for about 2 months I have seen some improvement and hope to see more in the future as I continue to work towards getting better.

For me, it has been one tough road. Luckily I have a great group of people that support me. Huge thanks goes out to my orthopedist for seeing my dream and helping me to keep going for it without hurting myself, my parents, my best friend Kelsey for sticking with my crazy self, my trainers Valarie and Lauren for being so understanding of when I need breaks during lessons, and for my patient horse Liam for not trying to buck me off… for the most part. Screenshot 2018-01-07 22.07.21I am pretty sure he enjoys those walk breaks just as much as I do. And a big shoutout to all those other kick-butt equestrians that don’t let hiccups in their life keep them from doing what they love, keep being awesome.

If you ever have questions about anything I mentioned in this article or just need someone to talk to about your own hiccups, feel free to DM me @equestrian.syd on instagram!


Until next time preps,

Sydney & The Ponies

My Top 5 Best Buys Of The Month!

The holidays bring an influx of new products joining the day to day routine of most equestrians across the world. As the holidays come to a close, I have compiled a list of my top 5 favorite things I got this month!

1. MDC Super Sport Stirrups With Flex Sides

These stirrups were a game changer for me. I have some knee problems and these stirrups eliminated almost all my pain while riding. The flex sides are shock absorbing to help take the shock off your joints. Also, the rotating top helps to keep your feet in the correct position and steady your leg. If you are interested in purchasing a pair of these stirrups you can find them on MDC’s website (here) for $210.


Can you tack goals yourself?!


2. Alessandro Albanese Free Button Long Sleeve Shirt

I grabbed this shirt at my favorite consignment store, On Course Consignment in Wellington, for a steal and it is now my new favorite shirt. It has fantastic moisture-wicking fabric so you can stay cool even though it is long sleeved. Also, since the shirt is long sleeve, if you add some layers, it will be a great base layer for riding in colder weather! If you would like to pick up a shirt of your own you can find it on Horseware, Alessandro Albanese’s sister company, site here for $75.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
I paired this top with a pair of simple black breeches and a basic brown belt for a sophisticated, clean look
Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
Pre-Ride Theraplate Session at IDA Farms in Wellington!

3. Equiline Boston Breeches

I also grabbed these amazing breeches on consignment at On Course for an absolute steal. I swear that these pants are a second skin. They even have pockets, REAL pockets that actually fit stuff in them. Girls know how much this quality means. Plus, who doesn’t want quick access to their phone to take all the photos of your adorable horse am I right? Seriously, if you are in the market to purchase a pair of high-end, long lasting breeches, these are definitely ones to try out. You can purchase them here for $324.

Screenshot 2018-01-13 13.51.11

4. Lululemon Base Runner 1/2 Zip

Indiana’s cold weather can be brutal for riding. I needed something that could keep me warm when tacking up, setting jumps, etc but I at the same time, something that was breathable to keep me from overheating while riding. With the combination of moisture-wicking fabric and mesh venting, it keeps you comfortable while you sweat. It also has multiple pockets for treats, your phone, and whatever other knick-knacks you need. You can find it on Lululemon’s site here for $98.


Swishy Hair & Fuzzy Pony Lovin’


5. Dover Saddlery Classic Flash Bridle

I am a sucker for matching tack and I hate when mine doesn’t. So, when I was searching for a brown version of the bridle in Liam’s current one, I stumbled upon one that was basically just the brown version of his current one. With some oiling, it should match my saddle and custom browband very well. It fits Liam super well and has his favorite feature, a monocrown. Also, his nose pad fits well under the noseband so Liam is comfortable at all times. If you would like to purchase you can find it at Dover Saddlery (here) for $179.95.


Screenshot 2018-01-04 01.12.08.png
Such a handsome little man in his new bridle


Those are the best buys for me this month! Have anything you want me to try out and feature? Feel free to DM on Instagram @equestrian.syd !


Until Next Time Preps,

Sydney & The Ponies


Keeping Your Tack Area Organized & Clean

Keeping your tack are clean and organized at all times is REALLY hard. There is always the 3 Ms, Mice, Mold, and Mud, present no matter what. So these are my 5 tips and trick to keep your tack area clean and organized without breaking the bank!


1. Invest In Some Plastic Bins!

Rubbermaid bins are so great for just about everything. I store saddle pads, bonnets, polos, open front boots, and really just about everything in them. As long as you keep them closed and not overflowing with things, they are perfect for keeping mice, mud, and mold off. I got an assortment of sizes to fit all of the stuff I have to spoil my ponies. I have 2 large Sterilite® Ultra™ 70 Quart Clear Storage Tubs (found at your local Target for $8.99) to hold all of my saddle pads and other fabric wear items like stall guards. I can fit almost all of my saddle pads in 1 bin but of course, you can never have too many saddle pads, so I always have room in my second one for more. Folding is your best friend for sure! I also have the Sterilite® Clearview Latch™ 15 Quart Storage Bin (found at your local Target for $3.64). This bin I use for holding all of my polos and open front boots as well as my extra spurs and such. I have a little section separated off to be my catch all for little things.

2. Get A Grooming Tote That Can Latch!

Having a grooming tote with a lid and that latches may seem like a burden but it is actually one of the best purchases I have made! It makes it unappealing for people to steal what is inside (some have lock options) and deters mice from getting in there and nesting or leaving behind anything on your brushes. If you are like me and have a nosey pony like Pearl who likes to touch just about everything, having a lid and latch prevents them from getting into it! Though it may bulk up what you have to carry, it is definitely worth it in the fact that they are easier to clean and can hold more. My recommendation is the Ascot II Grooming Box (found here for $24.99). It holds up great for daily wear and tear and holds a TON of stuff.


3. Keep All Your Tack On Racks & Off the Floor!

The first place that your tack will pick up mold is from the ground. By having your tack elevated off the floor and not dragging, it is way less likely for it to mold. If the floor isn’t the cleanest in the world, then your tack can get muddy if it sits or drags on the ground as well. And of course those pesky mice! Those little buggers will nibble on just about anything and that includes tack that is hanging on the ground. I also recommend that you get covers or bags for your tack that can keep even more stuff of of it. My favorite place is E.C Equestrian which you can find here for high quality and handmade stuff!


4. Treats Need To Go In Their Own Airtight Container!

Mice like food. And the least amount of effort that they have to put in to get it, the better. So keep your treats in an airtight container that is hard, thick plastic.  Since it is airtight, no mice are drawn to it and if they stumble upon it, they have no way of getting in mice the plastic is too hard and thick for their little teeth to chew through. I have an IRIS USA Airtight Pet Food Container in the 10lb size (found at your local farm store for ≈$9.99).   Also, I can put fresh horse treats that I make in there and don’t have to worry about mold!


5. Monogram Or Write Your Name On Everything!

Sadly, people like to steal stuff. So I like to monogram all of my brushes and stuff as well as write my name on stuff I can’t monogram. Any vinyl monogram will work and sharpie does too!


I hope that these tips and tricks help you guys to keep your tack area clean and organized! If you ever have any questions feel free to DM me on instagram @equestrian.syd !


Until Next Time Preps,

Sydney & The Ponies

The PonyApp: New Tech For An Evolving Equestrian Community

Recently, a lot of different companies have been coming out with apps for iPhones and Androids that are tailored towards equestrians. Some of the most well known are All Ears App and PandaHAUS Equestrian. But, one recently launched app has been trailblazing with popularity among professionals, The Pony App.

The Pony App “…engages all parties involved in daily horse care. We help you stay organized outside of the arena so that you can focus on staying in the saddle.” The app does this by breaking down everything that is horse related into categories that help you stay organized. It has many different features that include, Spotlight, My Stable, and Invoices. I have been trialing this app for about 2 months now and now have integrated it into my regular training program. Since I have 3 horses at the moment, it allows me to keep track of everything that they are up to.


My favorite feature of this app has to by My Stable. It has allowed for me to keep track of all my horse’s activities, manage expenses, set reminders for routine services, take notes about the horse, and upload X-Rays, Passports, etc to a gallery for safe keeping. Using the activities section I record all of my lessons and liberty training sessions so that I can note our progress from point A to point B. I use the reminders section in conjunction with the expenses section to make sure I know when to write checks for services like the farrier or annual vet visits. In the Gallery section, I upload photos of Coggin’s Tests, any x-rays that have been taken, and dated confirmation photos so that if I ever need them, there is quick and easy access to them. img_5431


The Invoice section of the app is essentially a version of Venmo, made for equestrians. It allows you to pay invoices and expenses through the app and not have to deal with anything regarding checks and whatnot. It is very convenient if you are like me, and disorganized about that stuff. 





The Spotlight section is great for keeping up with equestrian related news from all over the world. With the combination of many different media providers, you can get information on just about anything. If you find a site that you really enjoy, you can browse their site directly from the app. I love reading Horse&Hound so I check their site every couple of days to catch up!


This app has really simplified my riding life and organized a not so organized person. Big  shoutout to the Pony App for allowing me to work with them on this review and sending me some of their awesome logo stickers! Make sure to check them out on instagram @theponyapp and download their app on the App Store or Google Play. If you ever have any questions or want to suggest something for me to write about, feel free to DM on instagram @equestrian.syd!

Until Next Time Preps,

Sydney & The Ponies



How I Get And Keep My Grey Clean

Anybody who owns a grey horse of any shape or size, knows how difficult it is to keep them clean. Some of us have spent an arm or a leg in money and time to get sort of close to clean. And now that I now have my sweet Pearl, I have had to work out a regimen for keeping her white-ish, no matter how much she lays in her own poop.

I have found a great range of products from many different brands that have been really effective and helped to tame that coat. But, as a lot of equestrians know, some of the best stuff is expensive. My range varies with products from $5 to $20. My kit includes the following:

  • Microfiber Bathing Mitt- I use this to scrub on her face without the harshness around the sensitive areas (ie. Eyes, Nostrils, Ears): $5.95 on Smartpak here.
  • Vetrolin White ‘N Brite- This stuff is my holy grail for Pearl. It works amazingly on getting out those stains and brightning her coat: $14.99 at Smartpak here.
  • Mane ‘n Tale- I use this stuff as a basic washing soap. It is affective of getting out stenches and cleaning the hair but isn’t great for sun protection or strengthening on the hair: $7.00 at any drug store
  • SleekEZ- Pearl just turned 1 this month and is starting to loose her baby fuzz. This tool really helps get that baby hair out from under her coat so that new hair can grow. It works especially well when coat is wet: $15.95 on Smartpak here.
  • Hippies On Horses Soft & Shiny Shampoo and Spray-In Conditioner- This stuff is the real deal if you want to strengthen your horse’s coat and promote growth. It is made by hand with All-Natural Ingredients so it makes me feel good about using it on her often: $11.00 each on the HOH site here and get 5% off when you use code HOHSYDGREEN! 
  • Pony Riders Club Assorted Rainbow Pony Sticks- Only being 1, Pearl gets distracted very easily. These treats are large and sweet enough keep her busy for a while and not dancing around being bored: $9.00 for 12 sticks here

Since she isn’t in full work, I leave her mane long so that it be majestic. My best trick to tame that crazy mane and forlock is to do a running and a button braid. I do her mane in a tight running braid along her mane so that if she does roll, there are just shavings and such on the outside of the mane. I do her forlock in a button braid so that it is out of the way when putting on/off her halter and getting it out of her eyes when she is eating. Adding a bit of water to your hands and spritzing the hair allows for stronger and smoother braid.

We like to have a lot of fun while we bathe to keep her from wiggling. So, if you have a horse that stands well, or a mini that you can block the enrty/exit of the wash area, let them go halterless. It allows for easier access to the face and makes them feel more comfortable. 

can you tell she is loving it?

Her before and afters are crazy. Just with two treatments of this regimen she has gone from drab to fab. 

I hope my routine for kepping my mini “pearly white”… pun intended, has helped you guys! Feel free to DM on instagram if you have and questions @equestrian.syd !

Until Next Time Preps,

Sydney & The Ponies

Welcome Back!

Hey, Preps!


I am so excited to be back and posting full-time on the blog! My posts will be up every Monday and Thursday so make sure to follow me on Instagram @thepreppyequestrianblog to be the first to know when they are up. If you are new to the blog I want to say welcome and tell you a bit about myself:

  • My name is Sydney Green and I am the founder and owner of The Preppy Equestrian
  • I am 16 years old and a sophomore in high school
  • I have been riding for 14 years
  • I have shown in almost every discipline but Western
  • I ride in two different disciplines, Dressage and Hunter Jumper
  • I currently have 3 horses, Pinky Promise (Pinky), Blue Melody (Libby), and Pearl
  • I am from and train Hunter Jumper in Central Indiana but train in Wellington, Florida for Dressage
  • I do dressage up to the 4th level with my dressage trainer, Lauren Knopp
  • I show in the Low Children’s Jumpers
  • With my new mini pony Pearl and Pinky, I do liberty training
  • Navy is my favorite color and the best color
  • I monogram everything… and I mean everything
  • My social media is @equestrian.syd on Instagram so feel free to follow!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Pearl and I

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Pinky and I


Libby and I


If you ever have any questions or want to suggest anything for me to cover, feel fee to DM me on Instagram, @equestrian.syd !


Until Next Time Preps,

Sydney & The Ponies

The Equestrian Stylebook: April | Sponsored By Grand Champion Tack & Saddlery

This month, I partnered with my local tack shop, Grand Champion Tack & Saddlery, to bring my preps the April edition of The Equestrian Stylebook! All of these products* are available at Grand Champion so make sure to check them out online here.

I was lucky enough to be able to shoot on location at Carben Farms in Wellington, Florida. My gorgeous modeling partner in crime in Twinkie the Wonder Pony who is a Grand Prix dressage horse. In this shoot, Twinkie sports his Schockemoehle Sports Jumper Bridle w/ Crank in Havana ($324.00).

Finding the perfect riding outfit is one of the hardest things in the world. With so many different brands and styles to choose from, there are so many great options. And, as much as I would like to be, none of us are made of money, so pricing is something that most of us have to be very cautious of. I have compiled a stylebook with 3 1/2 great outfits that every equestrian can rock!

Floral Frenzy:


kisses for the best pony model

Everyone who reads the stylebook on a regular basis knows how much I love navy in all forms. But this outfit of navy USG breeches and a floral Joules sleeveless polo take the cake. With soft and flexible material and contrast piping, these breeches feel like a second skin. This outfit will defiantly wow when schooling at shows or at home!

  • USG By KL Select Lara Breech in Navy: $198.00
  • Joules Cheeky Polo in Bright White: $52.95
  • Tonics Fabulous Shoes Space Paddock Boots in Black: $329.00
  • Tonics Fabulous Shoes Triton Half Chap in Black: $239.00



Flower Power:


This was probably my favorite photo from the entire photoshoot

This month I have been crazy about florals. Joules has treated me well with their very spring flower filled collection. When I saw the fun pinks and gray I knew that I had to pick up this hoodie and pair it with something. Flower Power is more of a casual day at the barn outfit with gray breezes paired with a loose fit hoodie.

  • Joules Hoodie in Marlston Print: $69.95
  • Devon-Aire® Signature Classic Knee-Patch Breech in Charcoal/Black- $99.95
  • Tonics Fabulous Shoes Space Paddock Boots in Black: $329.00
  • Tonics Fabulous Shoes Triton Half Chap in Black: $239.00


Jumper Turns:

This show ensemble is the classic jumper look with a hidden flare. It is paired with white breeches for Classic Day, but the white could easily be switched out for a tan pair. I recommend the Ghodho Fiona Show Breech ($199.00) for a professional look with some character.




  • Grand Prix Classic Sport Show Jacket in Navy: $470.00
  • Le Fash Paulo Alto Show Shirt: $139.00
  • Treadstep Symphony No. 3 Rosa Breech in White: $119.99
  • Samshield ShadowMatt Helmet in Black: $465.99
  • Equiline Maggie Belt in Black: $149.95
  • Tonics Fabulous Shoes Space Paddock Boots in Black: $329.00
  • Tonics Fabulous Shoes Triton Half Chap in Black: $239.00



Sugar Plum Pony:

For the final outfit of the month, I wanted to bring a more untraditional look to the schooling ring. By pairing a Tailored Sportsman Sun Shirt with white breeches you bring a comfortable, everyday look to the next level. The sun shirt provides UV protection and keeps you cool while riding, even though it is long sleeve.



  • Tailored Sportsman Ice Fill Zip Top in Plum: $69.95
  • Treadstep Symphony No. 3 Rosa Breech in White: $119.99
  • Equiline Maggie Belt in Black: $119.95
  • Tonics Fabulous Shoes Space Paddock Boots in Black: $329.00
  • Tonics Fabulous Shoes Triton Half Chap in Black: $239.00
  • Samshield ShadowMatt Helmet in Black: $465.00



Twinkie The Wonder Pony:

As a little extra at the end of this post, I wanted to feature my partner in crime for this photoshoot and his outfits. Mr. Twinkie was sporting his Schockemoehle Sports Jumper Bridle w/ Crank in Havana. This bridle offers versatility in that it has an interchangeable flash and can convert to a double bridle if necessary for the horse being ridden in it. You can purchase it for $324.00 in with Havana (pictured) or Oak Bark. Twinkie also wanted to wear a Samshield Helmet but sadly they don’t make his size yet and he was very unhappy but wore it anyway because he wouldn’t trust any other brand to protect his noggin. The horse size Samshield is coming soon to a dealer near you😉


I also want to give some recognition to my amazing friend and trainer, Lauren Knopp, for being my last minute photographer. She kept me sane through all the crazy of finding a location, a horse to model with, make-up looks, poses, and for encouraging me to bring out the model within me. I couldn’t be more thankful for her and she deserves so love on this post too.


I hope that this stylebook helps my fellow preps with your styling. More to come with next months Equestrian Stylebook!

Until  next  time  Preps,


Brand Review: The Bit Of Design

As most of you know, I am a huge supporter of small business. I work with quite a few all over the country on a regular basis. So recently, when the opportunity arose to review products from my good friend Grace’s small business, The Bit Of Design, I happily accepted.



The Bit of Design is an equestrian apparel and design company that sells a wide variety of products. The designs vary in the people they are targeted to so that everyone can enjoy. Some of these designs include the Team Thoroughbred, Team Warmblood, the Classic Logo Tee, etc.

When The Bit Of Design first opened, Grace asked if I wanted to purchase any of the products she offered and, of course, I said yes! After much debate, I decided to go with the Classic Logo Tee in Grey. I normally wear a woman’s size XS/S but after the recommendation from Grace to go a size larger and me having wider shoulders, I went with a Medium. The design and fit of the tee allows for flexibility and reach when jumping larger fences, without any un-tucking or bunching around the waistband. Also, I am a stickler for wearing soft shirts and the cotton blend of the tees is absolutely perfect for me to wear on all occasions.  Cotton is also very breathable so it allows for you to stay cool while riding. The only downside to the cotton is the fact that it absorbs sweat and water but retains that liquid and doesn’t allow for it to evaporate. So, on hot days beware that everyone will know about those sweat stains!


Working with Grace has been fantastic too! Whenever I had a question or a concern about anything, she was very quick and thorough in her responses. As an equestrian herself, she personally made sure that all of her apparel did its purpose and to the greatest degree, it could. Being a young entrepreneur can be tough when you are a full-time student, and trying to bring up a young Thoroughbred on the Hunter/Jumper circuit. But, even with all of this, Grace handles everything with such elegance and passion and I am proud to call her one of my good friends.


Screenshot 2017-03-21 11.52.24.png
Grace and Her Fur Baby, Canyon


Lucky for y’all this partnership brings forward a DISCOUNT CODE! Use code PEREVIEW for 5% off your order at checkout. You can get more information and check them out on Instagram @thebitofdesign and on their website


Until next time prepsters,


Brand Review: Custom Saddlery

Custom Saddlery is one of the biggest dressage saddle brands in the world. Some of their sponsored riders include Stephan Peters, Juan Matute Guimon,  and Patrik Kittel. They also offer a range of jump saddles but I have personally had no experience with them but have heard good things.

Custom Saddlery offers 29 different models of dressage saddle with 4 different categories, Custom, Wolfgang, Icon, and through their partnership with Stephan Peters, Signature. All of these saddles are customizable from the color of the leather, the color of the welting and the stitching, and cantle designs.

An example of a custom made cantle! Photo Rights: Custom Saddlery
An example with pink welting and stitching! Photo Rights: Custom Saddlery

I have had the pleasure to ride in multiple different models of Custom saddles in the past year. My trainer in Wellington, Fellow TPE writer Lauren Knopp, has all of her horses in them and when I ride with her, I ride in Custom. My goodness, I could not be more in love! They are so comfortable and really do help your leg get put and stay in the correct place the entire ride, even when you do get a bit unseated ;).

Most recently I rode in Custom’s Wolfgang Omni 2 Monoflap Saddle and it was such a dream. When riding a large strided horse, sometimes it is difficult to keep your leg in the correct place and not be put off balance. But, when I was riding Duke, a hefty 16.3hh gelding, my leg wasn’t slipping around at all, it felt just like I was on my own small strided pony, Pinky Promise.

Being a long-legged rider can sometimes be difficult in a dressage saddle because some knee block styles just don’t work. But fear not, Custom offers a wide variety of knee block styles to fit everyone’s needs. I personally love the look, feel, and security that the knee block that holds your thigh in place. I am someone who is longer in the femur/thigh region so full-length knee blocks don’t tend to be comfortable. So, if you are someone who is like me, definitely give this model a try!

Pictured here is Duke and I going down the long side at his working trot, look at that stride!

The quality of the products used to make these saddle is impeccable. From the premium buffalo leather to the imported wool used to flock it to the premium wood tree, I don’t think you can get much better. The combination of these outstanding features plus being handcrafted in a state of the art facility provides both horse and rider with a custom fit masterpiece that is perfect for both parties.

Can you tell that Duke is comfortable in his Custom saddle?

When buying a saddle you want to have the best customer service that you can rely on every time. From the fitting of your saddle with your local representative all the way up to the designers of the saddle. I asked my favorite long time Custom Saddlery user, Lauren Knopp, her thoughts on their customer service and here is what she said:

“Custom Saddlery goes above and beyond to make sure their clients are happy. I’ve ridden in Custom for 6 years and I won’t ever ride in anything else. They always make sure your horse are well taken care of in every aspect.”



Pictured here is Lauren riding one of her horses, Greggory in her Custom Saddlery Wolfgang Star Saddle.



However, with all things, there must be at least be one flaw, though not unwarranted. Because these saddles are made with high-quality products and handled with such care, they come with a not so humble price tag. Base models start around $2,695 USD and goes up as customization is added. Luckily for those on a budget who would love to be the proud owners of a Custom Saddlery saddle, you can find consignment saddles through your local rep and online retailers. Large scale retailers such as Dover Saddlery and Smartpak also offer select models such as the Wolfgang Solo and Signature Stephan’s Advantage.


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You can check Custom out on their website here, and follow them on Instagram @customsaddlery. Big thanks to Lauren Knopp for helping me out with this post and taking some awesome photos of Duke and me! If you are ever in Wellington and want a dressage lesson you can find all of her contact information on her website Hope y’all enjoyed this review on Custom Saddlery!


Until Next Time Preps,