Common Horse Health Problems & Prevention

Everyone in the equestrian world will expirience horse health problems sometime in their riding career. Continue reading to find out what some of these issues are and and tips on how to prevent and treat them so your horse can live a long & healthy life.



Grooming your horse on a daily basis is one of the best ways to check your horse for any problems. While you go about your grooming routine, check all over your horses body. You could come across a sore spot, cuts and scrapes, ticks/other insects, etc.  



Colic is actually not just one, but several different digestive problems. Colic can be caused by improper food, foreign objects or other factors. Some signs of colic are inappetence, constipation, signs of pain, teeth clenching, salvation, stretching legs out from the body, and frequent rolling. When you first notice a sign of colic, you must act fast and contact your equine vet as all forms can be fatal. 


Tip- Tidy Up

Ensure that your horses stall is clean and free of anything that could harm him/her. Horses should have access to clean water 24/7. Clean out water buckets often and keep your horse well hydrated. Make sure buckets are always filled and never empty. Stalls are exactly like your room; you wouldn’t want it to be filthy and unsafe! Your horses stall should be cleaned out daily and every few days strip out old bedding and replace it with clean bedding. Check your horses stall of any nails or insect nests. In the summer, stock up on high quality fly spray and use daily. Also consider investing a fly mask or fly sheet. 



Laminitis is an inflammation of certain internal structures of the hoof. This is very painful for horses as they may lay down to relieve the pain. The hoof may feel hot to the touch and the horse may be limping. Another way to tell if a horse is lame is to look at the way they are standing. They may be leaning backwards. There are numerous causes to laminitis. Some being stress, eating too much grain, working a horse on very hard ground (asphalt), reactions to drugs, and more. If laminitis goes untreated, it may result with the horse becoming lame for life. 



An abccess is an infectious pocket within a bodily cavity-in this case, within a hoof. An abccess can occur if a horse steps on a sharp object, such as a nail or sharp stone which penetrates the hoof. This is a very painful thing for your horse so he/she may hold up their leg and not put any weight on that foot due to the pain. Your vet will have to open and drain the abccess. Be sure that you follow up with medication, poultices, soaking or anything other way of healing. 



Your horse spends a lot of time outdoors, therefore, he/she is exposed to insects. There is a large range of insects or parasites that can affect your horses health such as ticks, lice, ringworm, tapeworm, roundworm and lungworm. Most of these internal worms can be controlled by deworming your horse on schedule. As for the external worms, you may have to pick out yourself or use a medicated shampoo or salve to remove these parasites. 



If your horse is in a pasture with tall grass or plants, then he/she may be more likely to pick up ticks. Check for ticks during your grooming routine. One of the places your will most likely find ticks are al through the mane and in the tail, especially at the base and end of the tail bone. You can purchase tick medication drops, where you just put a drop of medication where it says on the instructions. Use lots of fly spray in the summer and warmer months to keep these pests from harming your horse. 


Thank you for reading!


12 Show Tips For a Smooth Day!

Horse shows can sure be stressful, especially when it comes to making sure both you and your horse are on top of the game. Follow along with these tips and tricks to help make your show easier and worry free!

1~ Have a cleaning session with some barn buddies a day or two before you leave for the show. Clean out and organize your tack trunk to make sure that you have everything you need.

2~ Create a checklist of all the things you will need for the horse show. Once you have created the list, gather all of your needs and check it off the list.

3~ Arrive at the showgrounds about 30 minutes to an hour earlier before you need to be there. Take this time to learn your courses and possibly hack your horse if needed. You can also use this time to clean and put on some finishing touches.

4~ Check in with the person working at the in gate several times throughout the day so that you are on top of when your class starts.

5~ Be sure that you and your horse are both well hydrated before showing. You may want to consider having an extra water bucket for your horse, as they made become very thirsty after a long day of showing. Also consider bringing your own cooler or ice box to the show. Fill it up with lots of water bottles and healthy snacks. When you are all done showing for the day, hose off your horse if it’s a hot day.

6~ Check the weather forecast for the week when packing. This will make sure that you and your horse are ready for whatever Mother Nature throws your way.

7~ We all have to thank our horse after showing with treats, but don’t give them too many. Too many treats can be bad for your horse and give him/her a belly ache. My favorite treats to give my horse are Best In Show Cookie Company, which only have natural and fresh ingredients in them. There are many different flavors too!

8~ Create your own portable grooming kit. You can use a backpack or purchase a plastic grooming tote at a tack store. A grooming kit can be very helpful, especially to clean up between classes. You can fill your kit with whatever you want. Mine includes brushes, a hoof pick, hoof dressing, fly spray, baby wipes, water bottles and a towel or rag. When I go to bigger shows where you will need something to get around, we take our golf cart and keep our tote on it.

9~ We all have to thank our horse after showing with treats, but don’t give them too many. Too many treats can be bad for your horse and give him/her a belly ache. My favorite treats to give my horse are Best In Show Cookie Company, which only have natural and fresh ingredients in them so there is no harm done if you give your horse a few. There are many different flavors too!

10~ Be sure that you and your horse’s wardrobe meets the show’s requirements. Proper bits, whip length, attire, and more. Read over the USEF rule book to find important information like this.

11~ Mind your manners in the school ring or in a flat class. When passing, use the rule left shoulder left shoulder and give each horse lots of room. If you are jumping in the warm-up ring, call a jump by saying “heads up vertical!” for example so people can move out of your way. In a busier arena, don’t walk next to a friend on horseback, as these people are very hard to ride around (and annoying) especially when trying to jump. If your horse tends to kick or bite, use a red ribbon to tie in the tail. This is a sign for people to give you room unless they want to get kicked!

12~ If the show allows people to school their horse in a ring, take this opportunity! Horses can be some confusing animals; scared of things that move and things that don’t. Take this time to hack your horse around the ring you are showing in to make sure that nothing unexpected happens. If your horse is spooky at something, take him/her around it several times. Keep in mind what your horse is looking at when you show so that you don’t get marked off for a spook.

I hope these 12 tips were helpful for your show season!

Happy showing!


Brand Review: Kastel Denmark

Kastel Denmark is a well known and fashionable clothing company for equestrians of all disciplines or anyone seeking comfortable and UV protective clothing. This brand features colorful and comfy shirts, hats, athletic pants and more.

One of Kastel Denmark’s most popular product is their UV sun shirts. I own a couple of sun shirts, and they are great fitting and keep you cool in the warmer months. They are extremely comfortable, soft and made from a very high quality fabric. They make great every day shirts as well. The shirts are made for both men and women and are very affordable compared to competitors. The quarter zip shirts have two different colors, the body color and trim color. There are also many different color combinations available. The shirts are simple, yet stylish.

Kastel Denmark products are very vibrant and beautiful with the color combinations chose the quarter zips are my favorite shirts to wear riding in the summer. For the winter, I like to ride in the Kastel Demark jackets, which are great for layering to keep warm. They have an article of clothing for every season in temperature.

In conclusion, Kastel Denmark is a great and affordable brand offering stylish and protective clothing to everyone. Their clothing and accessories are exactly what every equestrian needs!

Stay preppy!