About The Preppy Equestrian

Sydney Green, the owner & embodiment of The Preppy Equestrian, is a nineteen-year-old multi-discipline rider from Central Indiana who now lives in the bluegrass of Lexington, Kentucky. With a lifelong passion for horses and an insider look to multiple disciplines, including dressage, hunter-jumper, and eventing, she provides unique connections in her writing that other blogs don’t have. She splits her time between her home in Kentucky and her farms in Wellington, IDA and Hurricane Farms. Currently, she trains in both classical dressage up to the 4th level and hunter-jumper where she shows in the jumpers.

Currently, Sydney has three horses in her string and is always looking to add more. Her personal horse, Carina, is a Selle Français mare who is currently spending her time teaching kids the ropes. Goose, her large Quarter Horse-Cob pony, is with her to get a second chance on a happy life after being rescued out of a neglect situation. And finally Phim, her Swedish warmblood gelding who is an eventer-turned-jumper that she is hoping to show in the high adults this coming season. Through her major at the University of Kentucky, she hopes to make a career in equine business working in horse show and equine event planning. As an avid lover and supporter of the industry, she greatly looks forward to making a career in the industry.

Launching in June of 2016, The Preppy Equestrian was Sydney’s more in-depth outlet to talk and interact with her followers. Many other riders also collaborated on posts to create a great amount of content. Originally it focused mostly on product reviews and how-to’s, but now she is making a shift to a more experience-based content. Speaking with professionals throughout the equestrian community and through her own experiences to create content that is relatable and relevant to everybody. This blog is for those who share a love for horses and the lifestyle that comes with it, no matter the discipline or background.

If you’d like to get in contact with us, check out the contact us page. Whether it’s to chat about a post or to be featured, don’t be afraid to reach out; We love to hear from Y’all!