Professional Photoshoots: How To Prepare

I adore having photos of my girl. While the photos I take on my phone, but they are never the best quality and normally don’t have both me and her in them. So, getting professional photos done is the perfect way to get those high quality, cute pair photos you’ll treasure forever. But, getting ready for these photoshoots can be nerve-wracking. Accident prone ponies and weather are just a few examples. As someone who has done a lot of these types of shoots, I have compiled a list of my favorite things to do when I prep for a professional photoshoot.


Bath Time!

Making sure your pony is squeaky clean and shiny is super important. These are photos that you are getting to show off you and your perfect best friend; no dusty and dirty ponies allowed! If it’s possible and works with your area’s weather, clipping is a great thing to do also. When Carina and I did our photoshoot in Wellington with Lorien Huddleston of Lorien Huddleston Photography, we had a horse show the next day so she was bathed and ready to go. To battle to Florida heat, she was also body clipped.


To Braid or Not To Braid

I personally love the look of when a horse is braided for a photoshoot but sometimes it jut isn’t feasible. While braiding provides a really clean look, it takes up a lot of time and some horses won’t even stand still for it. The best time to braid is when you do a black background or solo, artistic photos of your horse. Other times, it shouldn’t be a concern. Since Carina had a rated show the next day that she was going to be braided for so I kept away so I didn’t tear up her mane too much.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Wear Neutral Colors That Won’t Blend Into Your Background

Don’t wear anything flashy or super intricate patterned. They just don’t translate well to the camera and can do more harm than good. I opted for a simple patterned, navy and white button-down with some plain white jeans and navy Sperrys.


Clean Your Tack

Whether you are using a bridle or halter or even full tack, making sure it’s clean is vital. You want to look the best you can and dirty tack is not the way to do it. Even if it’s just running a damp cloth over the tack, makes all the difference.

Dress Up

You want to look perfect for these photos, so don’t be afraid to dress up. Also be aware that you were more than likely will get horse spit on it so make sure that it isn’t near impossible to wash! White is also a color to steer clear of but I was willing to take the risk 😉

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

I will forever cherish these sweet photos of my girl and I. Lorien did a phenomenal job and I have more shoots lined up with her when I go down to Wellington again this season. If you are interested in getting a shoot with her, she is frequently traveling so DM her on her instagram to get in touch!


I hope y’all enjoyed this article about prepping for a professional photoshoot! If you ever have any questions feel free to DM on Instagram @equestrian.syd!

Until Next Time Preps,

Sydney & The Ponies


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