Brand Review: The Bit Of Design

As most of you know, I am a huge supporter of small business. I work with quite a few all over the country on a regular basis. So recently, when the opportunity arose to review products from my good friend Grace’s small business, The Bit Of Design, I happily accepted.



The Bit of Design is an equestrian apparel and design company that sells a wide variety of products. The designs vary in the people they are targeted to so that everyone can enjoy. Some of these designs include the Team Thoroughbred, Team Warmblood, the Classic Logo Tee, etc.

When The Bit Of Design first opened, Grace asked if I wanted to purchase any of the products she offered and, of course, I said yes! After much debate, I decided to go with the Classic Logo Tee in Grey. I normally wear a woman’s size XS/S but after the recommendation from Grace to go a size larger and me having wider shoulders, I went with a Medium. The design and fit of the tee allows for flexibility and reach when jumping larger fences, without any un-tucking or bunching around the waistband. Also, I am a stickler for wearing soft shirts and the cotton blend of the tees is absolutely perfect for me to wear on all occasions.  Cotton is also very breathable so it allows for you to stay cool while riding. The only downside to the cotton is the fact that it absorbs sweat and water but retains that liquid and doesn’t allow for it to evaporate. So, on hot days beware that everyone will know about those sweat stains!


Working with Grace has been fantastic too! Whenever I had a question or a concern about anything, she was very quick and thorough in her responses. As an equestrian herself, she personally made sure that all of her apparel did its purpose and to the greatest degree, it could. Being a young entrepreneur can be tough when you are a full-time student, and trying to bring up a young Thoroughbred on the Hunter/Jumper circuit. But, even with all of this, Grace handles everything with such elegance and passion and I am proud to call her one of my good friends.


Screenshot 2017-03-21 11.52.24.png
Grace and Her Fur Baby, Canyon


Lucky for y’all this partnership brings forward a DISCOUNT CODE! Use code PEREVIEW for 5% off your order at checkout. You can get more information and check them out on Instagram @thebitofdesign and on their website


Until next time prepsters,