Product Review: Barnes Tack Room

I think it’s safe to say we all want the best for our horses and are willing to do whatever we need to do to achieve that. Our horses do so much for us and they deserve to be as comfortable and happy as possible. As a result, we go to great lengths finding quality tack that not only looks stylish but also fits our horses well and allows them maximum comfort and performance. I wanted to share with you this amazing up and coming tack company I’ve recently discovered that far exceeds any expectations I’ve ever had about my tack.

Barnes Tack Room is probably the most amazing thing to happen to equestrians and I’m so excited for them to become more well known! They have put so much attention into the details and have come up with some innovative designs to really allow the horse and rider to be their best. Everything is made out of the best quality leather I’ve ever seen and it gets better – it’s reasonably priced!

I recently received a leather girth and stirrup leathers from them and let me just say – I’m obsessed. I’m a tough sell on leather girths. Quite frankly, I’ve never been a fan of them. Every leather girth I’ve used has been so stiff and just didn’t really seem to allow the horse freedom of movement – even after oiling multiple times. When I took my leather girth from Barnes Tack Room out of the box I was completely blown away. The leather was so soft and supple and it was like no girth I’d ever seen. It felt like it had been used hundreds of times before but it was brand new! My horses love it. It fits the shape of their body perfectly and you can tell just by the feel of it that it is so comfortable for them!

One of a kind – the beautiful detailing and comfort for the horse make this girth something special!

Not only are their products wonderful, so is their customer service. I’ve lost count of how many bad experiences I’ve had with tack companies – even some of the more well known ones! It’s like no one truly values making customers happy anymore! It’s so refreshing to see a company that values their customer service just as much as creating quality products!

I highly recommend checking out Barnes Tack Room. Their instagram is @barnestackroom and their website is! They have so many beautiful, innovative, and functional products that I know you guys will love! I myself have a bridle and martingale on the way and am definitely seeing a few more bridles and maybe a saddle from them in the future!

P.S. I have more awesome news: I have a code for 10% off your order! It’s StephanieBTR10%

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