How To Find Confidence Again After A Bad Fall Or Ride

Finding Confidence: I have had a hard past two months with my horse from pitching fits to rearing up and hitting my face, sometimes rides like that make us lose confidence or get scared to get back on our horse. Those two months I got angry or cried because I didn’t understand why my horse was acting this way instead of paying attention and fixing the problem. It took me setting goals and understanding why my horse was angry with me but every rider is different. I takes spending time with your horse, riding for fun, being positive and asking your trainer questions and letting them know your scared or don’t feel confident. I still get scared every now and then but I know I would never quit or give up on my horse because this is my passion and what I love doing.

How To Recover From a Bad Fall: I haven’t fallen in a while but when I have it has scared me or made me lose some confidence but every fall is different or more serious. If you’ve had a bad fall and you’re not sure you want to get back on tell your trainer because sometimes you could be really hurt or scared. If you have been hurt from a fall then you should take things slow and do things on the ground with your horse to regain your strength or confidence. I have  had a few scary falls where I didn’t get that chance to tell my old trainer how I felt after, I totally regret that because I was scared for a while after that. Taking things slow and getting to trust your horse again is the best way to recover from a fall.

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