A Few of my Good Buys

I’ve made some bad purchases in time. I would assume you have done the same. But, to save you all the pain of basically feeding you horse your crisp dollar bills, here are some brands that Finny and I give our stamp of approval.

  1. Tailored Sportsman Breeches: I can’t say enough about them. Bar far my favorite brand which completely surpassed my infatuation with Fits. Even though both brands set at a high-end price, I feel Tailoreds are worth the expense. In comparison to Fits (I am using Fits because it’s a company very often seen in the scene of eventing), my Tailoreds fit better and have held up better than my Fits ever did. I owned a white pair and within 5 shows, the pocket had ripped out. I wear my Tailoreds every ride for two years and they are still in impeccable condition. They are comfortable, fit great and look amazing. You don’t need 20 pairs of them so their high price is really worth it.
  2. 2. EIS (Equi in Style): I have worn many brands of shirts but I will always return to EIS. The fit is great and they are super breathable, so even though they are long sleeved, you can easily wear them in the summer.
  3. Ogilvy Equestrian: One of my absolute favorite saddle pad brands. My favorites are the jump profile pad and the dressage baby pad. I love love love the quality and the look and how customizable they are. Such a great buy.
  4. Eco Gold: Pretty much self-explanatory. Love the look, love the breathability, love the stability.
  5. Vespucci: My figure eight jump bridle is a Vespucci and it’s one of my favorite things I have for Finn. The leather is supple and soft and the color is beautiful. It wasn’t too expensive and it has help up extremely well.
  6. Charles Owen: Common, overused, still so amazing. I absolutely adore my Pro II Skull Cap and I think I always will. Still kicking myself for purchasing a Samshield as opposed to the leather look Ayr-8, but non the less, I love Charles Owen.
  7. Samshield: Still beautiful. Still lovely. Hard to fit my hair into. If you have a lot of hair, size up.
  8. Premier Equine: I just bought their cross country boots and gawh I am in love. I previously owned (and lost) Dalmars because they were all the rage at my first barn. I was never really happy with them because I am not a fan of how they are secured. Finn never had any problems with them, but they are known to cause rubs and to slip. I’ve borrowed my friend’s Premier Equines because I am extremely forgetful and I am so much happier with how they are secured and how light and airy they are. I am so excited to rock around this season with those on his feet!
  9. Equiline: This is a pretty higher end brand, but, if you have the money or want a really nice show coat, I couldn’t recommend them more. The fabric is stretchy with allows for a great fit and the coat is machine washable! How great is that? I needed a shadbelly for this coming season and went with Equiline. You can find their products for a much cheaper price at JustRiding.com
  10. Ariat: Ariat is kinda a no-brainer. Everyone has Ariat. Everyone loves Ariat. So I’m just going to hop on the bandwagon to say that I love it too. I have two pairs of their boots now and, for their price, they are super good boots! I will never stop wanting Parlantis, but Ariat is doing pretty darn good for right now!

I hope you all found this list helpful! Especially if you were on the ropes between buying one brand over the other or vice versa!

-Alex B.

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