The “Being OK with not competing”

Let’s be honest I don’t think anyone doesn’t like being a little competitive… Especially in the equestrian world. Most of you now know that my everyday life and work takes a good portion of my days. I’ve come to terms that right now just isn’t a good time to try and compete.  As bad as I’d love to strut down center line with my gal… I know it’s not in the cards.


But on the flip side… You can never stop learning especially as I rider. In turn I look at this break in competing as time I can really work on myself and learn as much as I can. River and I continue to train at least once a week. We may not progressing as fast as others but I’m ok with it and am proud of all that we’ve achieved.

Total side note: I enjoy watching and supporting close friends in their competing careers. You can never go wrong there. Sometimes I think young riders especially need people to support them… Regarless how many ribbons or medals. My husband has stood by my side in this crazy horse passion. Its hard for some people to understand our passion… I guess I’ve been lucky. 0803161119c.jpg

We are wishing everyone the happiest of holidays! Be sure to spoil your ponies a little extra from The Chassion Family & River 🐴

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