Sponsorships​: How To Get And Keep It

Sponsorships from brands big and small are what any equestrian strives for. To be recognized by a brand or applied to be a part of the company and asked then to join their team is a great feeling. I am blessed enough to be apart of 8 amazing companies and have had my fair share of experience with them. I have compiled a list of the Do’s and Don’ts and tips to keep your sponsorships. When looking for a good sponsor:

Do: Become very familiar with the company’s products and mission statement

When looking into a company for sponsorship, you need to be familiar with the brand and what they stand for. You can sweeten the deal by being a regular user of the products and they are one of your go-to’s.


Don’t: Apply for the same position with companies that sell similar or the exact same products

This is probably THE most important rule to follow. Don’t apply for sponsorships or ambassadorships with multiple companies that make/sell the same or similar products. Doing this will more than likely get you automatically cut from the list of contenders.


Do: Be professional when negotiating and in all communications

When communicating, whether it is by email, private message, or phone calls, you want to be professional and show that professionalism. By being this way, it can lead to recommendations and connections within the community.


Don’t: Expect free products from your sponsor

This is probably the second most important rule. Some companies are known worldwide like Ogilvy Equestrian or  CWD Sellier and some companies are smaller like EC Equestrian or Hippies On Horses. The bigger companies have large overheads and are able to send free products but smaller ones aren’t. But all of their support is equal and that is what it truly is all about but, a lot of people want to have an arsenal of companies on their team. You need to look for quality over quantity in a good sponsor. Just because they send you free products, doesn’t mean that they make a good addition.


These are just a few of the do’s and don’ts of having and keeping a sponsorship. If you have any questions feel free to DM me on Instagram @equestrian.syd !


Until Next Time Prepsters,



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