A Little Bit About The Oily Stable

Hi, I’m Hannah and I run The Oily Stable with my cousin Miranda! Today I’m going to share a little about our mission and our products! 

I have been using essential oils for a few years but never on my horse till this past April when I trailered Phippen across the US! I fell in love with using natural and pure products on my horse and now I use them in my everyday life!

“The Oily Stable is our way of providing equestrians with products that not only address their riding challenges but also help them rest and address needs elsewhere. Our hope is to help young riders reach their full potential in all areas life—whether in the stable, at school, or in their social lives. Every equestrian deserves to train and participate in this sport while also leading a fun, healthy, and joyful lifestyle.We’re striving to get rid of as many toxic chemicals from the barn as possible. We aren’t where we want to be just yet, but we are researching, finding, and creating DIY blends and recipes and using the oils often on both horse and rider with success!” 

Facebook: The Oily Stable

Instagram: @theoilystable

Website: theoilystable.com

Here is Miranda and I’s Instagram’s: @Hannah_Equestrian @Miranda_burch

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