Balancing everyday life with ponies & introduction

I often start reading blogs not really knowing the writer or well maybe I just missed their introduction. So here we goes… I’m Elizabeth, a long time horse lover and now small business owner. I opened EC Equestrian last December not sure where it would go, taken by absolute surprise my small hobby actually became a fully operated business. I take pride in personally prepping, sewing, designing and packages each order that comes in. We are probably best known for our custom products, everything from fabrics, patterns, colors, trims, piping and shapes we cater to every discipline.


Not only am I a business owner, but I’m an mother to 2 sweet boys (almost 4 and 2) and a wife to the love of my life Eddie, who currently serving in the Army. We live in a small town outside Savannah, Georgia. And have 2 fur babies (Frank & Jack) I don’t currently own a horse, the military typically moves us every 3-4 years so actually ownering a horse is difficult. Right now I’m helping a friend with her OTTB named River. We’ve been training in dressage for the last couple months. And slowly making progress together.1004161057b-1.jpg

I get asked quite frequently how I manage to balance my riding with my everyday life… And well let’s be honest it’s very difficult. Time management has become my best friend. Especially while my husband is out on a deployment. I try to get to the barn at least once a week. And between that in running into fabric stores, doing activities with the kids, taking the dogs for walk and well running around like my heads cut off. Ha I wouldn’t trade it for the world but of course some days are harder than others. With a positive mind and lots of support we manage to get through it. I always find myself repeating that “tomorrow is a new day” even the hardest days I know the next day will be easier. Yoga and Pilates are my “outs” I find exercise is an amazing way to not only stay fit but sweat out any stressors.

Wrapping up this first blog, I’d like to thank Sydney for brining me onto this amazing team! It’s such a wonderful place to see what’s trending and find some useful information for the everyday equestrian.

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