The Preppy Equestrian: Holiday Gift Guide 2016

I have been told many times this year that equestrians are hard to shop for. There is just too much to choose from! I have compiled The Preppy Equestrian’s 2016 Holiday Gift guide with 7 awesome, “jump for joy” present ideas.

Millbrook Leathers:

  • Millbrook Leathers are all the crazy in the horse world right now. With their patented wide and flat design, they help to create stability of the leg in both jumping and flatwork. These leathers are perfect for every equestrian in your life.
  • $149 + Shipping


E.C Equestrian Custom Saddle Pad, Half Pad, and Polo Set:

  • E.C Equestrian makes some of the best saddle pads and polos in the handmade market. Their products are 100% customizable and can be unique to each horse and rider pair with hundreds of fabric, piping, and ribbon options. This set is perfect for the equestrian fashionista of the barn.
  • $142.50 + Shipping (Use code SYDNEY10 for 10% off your order!)


The Blonde & The Bay Mare Mantra Tee:

  • Be There, Halt Square, Control That Mare! Maddie at The Blonde and The Bay perfectly captured the essence of mares on one tee shirt. This soft cotton long sleeve is perfect for all those equestrians that own pesky and loveable mares.
  • $35.00 + Shipping


Hippies On Horses Sample Bundle:

  • Every equestrian needs to keep their pony Soft n’ Shiny and bug-free with the Hippies on Horses Sample Bundle. It comes with two 2oz bottles of your choice of Fly Spray, Helmet Cleaner, Soft n’ Shiny, and Fungus-Be-Gone; and two 1oz tins of Muscle & Joint Liniment and Cuts, Bites, & Scrapes Ointment. This gift is perfect for any and every equestrian.
  • $8.75 + Shipping (Use code HOHSYDGREEN for 5% off!)


Spotted Gecko Designs Custom Browband:

  • Every pretty rider and pony pair deserves to sparkle. Spotted Gecko Designs offers a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to make your browband unique to each pair. These browbands are perfect for an equestrian who loves to stun the judges one stride at a time.
  • Prices start at $35 + Shipping



Pony Riders Club Assorted Pony Donuts:

  • Who doesn’t love donuts right? Treat your horse or pony with some fun and all natural, sweet treats that are as cute as your four-legged best friend. The donuts come in packages of 12 assorted treats and are perfect to spoil your pony.
  • $11 + shipping


A Horse Box Six Month Subscription:

  • Find the right products for the equestrian with A Horse Box! Each month A Horse Box delivers both horse & rider approved collections from up-and-coming niche brands and longtime favorites! With A Horse Box, each month you’ll receive 4-6 handpicked equine & equestrian items  from the best grooming products to gourmet horse treats & more.
  • $159 for six months