Six Fun Things To Do At The Barn If It’s Raining

IMG_6539.JPG If it’s too rainy to ride here’s a few fun things you can do with horse or around the barn. 

1. Give your horse a nice warm bath.IMG_6726.JPGUse this day to pamper the stink out of your horse’s coat, mane and tail. Don’t forget to give him a few treats. 😉

 2. Have a silly photo shoot in your horses stall and give he/she lots of pats and kisses.IMG_6309.jpg All of Phippen and I selfies turn out like this. 😂 

3. Clean your tack and organize your saddle pads, or tack trunk.IMG_5477.JPGThe best days are the days with a clean saddle and organized tack trunk. Personally I love cleaning tack and organizing!

4. Try a new braid on your horse’s mane or tail. IMG_6765.JPG I love to braid Phippen’s mane or tail, plus I’m trying to get his mane all on one side.

5.  Muck your horses stall or see what your coach needs help with.IMG_5316.JPGSometimes it’s fun to do chores, especially on a boring rainy day. Ps. I love mucking stalls and cleaning anyway. ❤️

6.  Play in the rain!IMG_0004.jpg If it isn’t storming go outside and jump in puddles, sometimes it’s fun to let go and dance in the rain. There’s always something positive in something you see as boring or negative.

Thank you so much for reading! 

I hope y’all have a great rest of the weekend!

My Instagram is Hannah_Equestrian and TheOilyStable! 


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