R.J Classics Xtreme Product Review!

R.J Classic Xtreme Show Coats (grey label collection) are the best. Their standards are comfort, stretch, washable, and soft-shell.

Comfort is important because during the long days at the show with the sun constantly on you, the last thing you want is to be uncomfortable. These coats are flexible, breathable, and fashion forward.

The next standard is stretch. These coats are easy to move in and are never tight around your shoulders or elbows. This helps with two point so that you don’t get choked up in your arms, making your equitation go downhill.

Washable. I wash this coat after every time I ride in it. With my luck, you would need to!  You can also put these coats in the dryer. I love that you don’t need to pay extra to have them dry- cleaned! There is no specific detergent you need either. Sure these coats might cost more, but you will save money in the end!

These coats are labeled as soft- shell for a few reasons. One of them is that the texture is not rough, but almost thin and that the material is, again, so breathable.

You can buy the R.J Classics Xtreme Show Coat online at http://www.rjclassics.com/c/ladies_show-coats or you can usually buy them at your local tack shop. They come in blue, black, green, and much more!

I would rate these coats a 10/10!

(Cost for the grey label collection: $230.00)

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