the power of thank you

Thank you is something that is often missed, especially in this industry. It is one of the most important things at the end of the day next to always hugging your pony.

There is so much power behind a thank you & so many people who should be included in the thank you. Thank you gets lost in translation in this generation & feels like a lost art. Everyone’s list of thank you’s is different depending on your situation, professional rider versus amateur rider versus junior rider. I wanted to take a moment to make a gentle reminder to always thank everyone on your list as championships gear up for the end of the year. These thank you lists should be an always & you should always be grateful regardless your situation. It can all be gone in an instant.

Professional thank you’s
Owners, groom(s), parents, sponsors, clients, students, working students, barn manager, show sponsors, show organizers (championships especially),volunteers, any one who has helped you to get where you are, trainers you who have helped you along the way.

Amateur thank you’s
Groom(s), parents, trainer, barn manager, volunteers, anyone who takes care of your horse, & anyone who has helped you get to where you are.

Junior thank you’s
Groom(s), owners, show sponsors, show organizers (championships especially), trainer, barn manager, parents, clinicians, volunteers, program directors & anyone who has helped you along the way.

A lot of these go hand in hand. Thank you’s are a big deal. Just a small reminder to be grateful along your journey & remember to say thank you this time of year.



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