Julia And Flirt

Hey everyone! I’ve decided that today I’m going to help you guys get to know flirt and I better since I never really told you all about me (or flirt!).

10 facts about me:

1. I’ve been riding for 5 years

2. I’ve leased 3 horses

3. I am a freshman (😅😱)

4. I am 13 years old

5. I show in the Intermediate Childrens (2’6)

6. I’ve riden at two different barns with different trainers

7. I live in Ohio

8. I can ride my bike to my barn

9. I’ve never wrote for a blog or article before The Preppy Equestrian Blog

10. My first day of school is today

10 facts about Flirt!!

1. She is a Dutch Warmblood

2. She is imported

3. She is 16 years old

4. She was a jumper before she came to the USA

5. She doesn’t have a mare-ish attitude

6. She’s been with me for 8 months and she will be with me for 4 more months

7. She has four white socks

8. She has a really big blaze

9. She likes to pretend she’s lame before we ride to try and get out of work

10. She only gets riden 5 days a week (if that)

I hope you guys enjoyed learning a bit more about flirt and I!  Sorry this is short… school has started and its been crazy!

  • Julia (nikonh0rse)♥


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