Tips To Help Prevent A Stressful Horse Show

Everyone loves to have a easy horse show without stress, injuries and mistakes so here’s some tips I use before the big day!IMG_0009.PNG

 The Day Before The Show:

The day before the show I go out to the barn and give whatever horse I’m riding a good bath, check their body for any injuries and clean my saddle, bridle and martingale. I also load the trailer with my tack, grooming supplies and miscellaneous things I might need.

The Night Before The Show:

I go home eat a healthy dinner, lay out all my show clothes, pack my ringside bag and clean my boots. I set my alarm on my phone, brush my teeth and get as many hours of sleep I need before I wake up.

Things In My Ringside Bag:


Horse Treats

Measuring Tape


YL Essential Oils

My Show Helmet

A Crop

Phone Chargers

My Wallet

The Horses Papers

The Day Of The Show:

I wake up early, head to the Barn, load the horse and head off. Once I get to the show I unload the horse, fill up water buckets, throw in some hay and get started on unloading the trailer. Depending on the show I bring my tack trunk, saddle rack and stall decor to set up. I go with my coach and sign up for the classes I’m doing and get my number. Then I groom the horse, tack up and school as much as I can before my class. When I school I usally practice what I need to work on and jump a course similar to what I’m showing in.  If you’re on new horse I reccomend doing warm up classes so you can get a feel of how the horse acts in shows. If I have free time I usally grab a bite to eat and  take pictures! Right before I enter the show ring a let out a deep breath and try to shake off my nerves. Once I’m done with all my classes I thank my coach, parents and family for coming and supporting me. When the show is over and it’s time to go I pack up my tack and load the horse into the trailer and head back. Showing isn’t about ribbons, money or what horse you’re riding. It’s about having fun, doing your best and treating the horse the way you want to be treated.

I hope ya’ll enjoyed my show tips!!! 🙂

To see more from me check out my Instagram Hannah_Equestrian!

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