The Equestrian Stylebook: August

Welcome to my new series The Equestrian Stylebook! Every month I will be putting a new stylebook out with 3 awesome outfits. Look out for the notification on my (@equestrain.syd) or The Preppy Equestrian’s instagram when it is posted. Enjoy!

Finding the perfect riding outfit is one of the hardest things in the world. With so many different brands and styles to choose from there are so many great options. And, as much as I would like to be, none of us are made of money, so pricing is something that most of us have to be very cautious of. I have compiled a stylebook with 3 great and budget friendly outfits that every equestrian can rock!

The Classic Navy:

The Sailor look is my personal favorite. As most of my friends or anyone who follows me on Instagram know, navy is the best color ever. It is so classic and being a dark color, it is very slimming.

She may be blinking but she is still the cutest Pinky Promise in all of the land! Photo Credit to: Modory Photography

This combo includes:

  • EST Full Seat Breeches in Navy Plaid (no longer available but just plain is still as awesome!)- $129.00
  • Loft Knit Sweater in Navy- $29.99
  • Treadstep Donatello Field Boot- $299.99
  • Michael Kors Parker Watch with Navy Face- $129.99
  • My 4 legged Best Friend Pinky- Priceless 🙂

This outfit is suitable for all seasons depending on how you layer below the sweater. In the summer I wear a moisture wicking, fitted talk top by Nike. In the winter I opt for a North Face base layer (I actually have it for when I ski but it works well for winter riding too).

The Stars:

The Stars look is a great style for any occasion. It has a bit of spunk to it but is still very professional. I love it for schooling at summer shows because it is very cool. Also the stars on the booty is pretty cute.


Photo shows the star details on the seat and boots

This Combo Includes:

  • Black & White Star Leather Full Seat Breeches- $146.99
  • 20×60 Namaste On My Horse Tee in Heather Grey- $38.00
  • Mountain Horse Fiorentina Dress Boot- $299.99
  • Charles Owen JR8 in Grey/Black- $129.99
  • EquiVisor in Black- $35.95

This outfit is mostly for spring and summer riding. The 20×60 shirt is thin and moisture wicking so it is not the best option for the cooler months. The breeches are also more of breathable fabric so unless you wear a thick base layer underneath of them, you are likely to be cold in the winter.

The Grey Day:

Weather in Indiana is so bipolar; most states in the midwest are. Our outfits have to reflect that as well. The Grey Day modeled by my friend Rose Huff it showcases some great pieces for this coming fall.

Rose is totally rocking this look with her matching Ogilvy Half Pad and her ever so gorgeous mare Roxxy

This Combo Includes:

  • Kerrits Microcord Knee Patch Breech in Silver- $89.99
  • Ariat Sunstopper Polo in Navy- $49.95
  • Base Layer of Any Kind- Varies
  • Ariat Radiant Reversible Belt in Black Ostrich/Deep Red- $89.95
  • Ariat Heritage Contour Field Zip Boot- $289.95
  • Charles Owen JR8 Helmet in Black/Grey- $129.99

Like I said above, this outfit is mostly for late summer and fall. It can adapt pretty well with fluctuations of weather with how it layered. But the shirt is great for those hot days when you don’t have a base layer underneath it.

I hope that this stylebook helps my fellow preps with your styling. More to come with next months Equestrian Stylebook!


Until next time Preps,


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