How To Handle Moving Barns

Hi everyone! This is the first time I’m announcing this, but my barn is switching facilities. We are doing this to have our own property, which is great! But it’s not this easy for everyone. Some people have to completely move barns, trainers, and horses. I have been through that and I’m writing this to help you guys get through this yourself if you are in this position.

Finding A Barn

Finding a barn that you like is the most important part because you don’t want the same experience to happen again. To find a barn you like, do online research to just find any barns near you that would be available to go to. Don’t look at barns that wouldn’t be available for you to go to, just in case you absolutely love it and your hopes would get down. Once you find barns near you, pull out the ones that are the correct discipline. Take a lesson or two at the ones you are most interested in then go from there.

How To Tell Your Trainer

This is the hardest part. All trainers react differently to a student saying that they are moving barns. Some would say they are happy for you while others would be angry and want to question you.

To tell your trainer, ask them to come someone separate at the barn where no one is around. Tell them that you are going to be moving barns then say why without letting them talk in between. If a trainer is happy for you they will act cool with it and say something like “okay I hope you will progress at your new barn.” If a trainer is mad they will start to question you and you have to be upfront and say that you are not happy at the barn you are at.


Hope this helps anyone in a tough barn situation!

@nikonh0rse Julia

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