Street To Stable: The On The Go Essentials Of Every Modern Equestrian

The epitome of the working equestrian is looking fabulous on the go then transferring to looking even better at the barn. Everyone has what they call “The Basics” that are kept near them at all times. Depending on what you like, the contents may vary. I have made a Step-By-Step layout on how to build your perfect “Street to Stable” essential bag.


Step 1:

Find a great bag to store your essentials in. I have mine in a tote bag by EC Equestrian. It hold a great amount of stuff and has held up with all the rough-housing I put it through on a regular basis. Some other great companies to check out if you are looking for bags are K. Marie Equestrian and Spotted Gecko Designs. They all offer great products that would make perfect go bags!


Step 2:

Define what you need in your bag. Do you need extra make-up for touching up after a ride? Is it going to rain on me before, during, or after my ride? These are some good questions to ask yourself when going through this step. I love to have gloves, Hippies On Horses goodies, sunglasses, stickers, and a hat. But, based on where you live, if you ride outside or inside, etc your needs will vary.

I never leave the house without my favorite Loft sunglasses!

Step 3:

Figure out what brands you want to use in your bag. There are tons of great brands out there but everyone has there preferences. For my gear I love to have:

– I love to have hats in my bag at all times. They are great for sun protection and tos of other purposes. My arsenal of hats includes many different types but my favorite are moisture wicking. Nike and Target have some good ones in lots of different colors.

– I go through gloves like crazy. Maybe 3-4 pairs over the course of a year. So when I wear them out, I get blisters I need some instant relief. The combination of my Hippies On Horses Hand Butter and Ointment heal them up super quickly. You can find both products here.

– Stickers are what I live for. Every time I go to a new place, I buy like 5 stickers. Galloping Graphics and Welsh Wear stickers are my equestrian company go-tos for them. I put them everywhere from items like computers and water bottles to my grooming tote and show box. You can find them here and here.


Step 4:

Include some goodies for your pony too! I keep an extra broadband from Spotted Gecko Designs and homemade treats in it at all times. When you are somewhere like Kentucky Horse Park in the fall, the moisture and heat make for build-up of gross stuff on the face. So being able to change out equal as amazing browbands is awesome. And treats are to spoil them after a great ride.

Screenshot 2016-07-21 01.18.12

If you followed these 4 simple steps, you and your bag are set to go! Whatever your job, life, or pony sneezes onto you, you will be prepared. You can check out all these great companies on Instagram and keep up with them and some great sales that they offer!


Until next time preps,


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