My Favorite Tack Brands

Hi guys I’m Hannah and in this blog post I’ll be reviewing some of my favorite tack brands I use for Phippen! 

My First Favorite Tack Brand:  EquiFit Original Front Boots for my jumping lessons with Phippen. I love these so so much because they’re comfortable, easy to wash and put on! I highly recommend these for all jumpers and they’ve got many new styles for a great price for the comfort it’s bringing to the horse.



My Second Favorite Tack Brand:  E.C Equestrian’s Saddle Pad that I use for every lesson! I love this saddle pad because it’s comfy, easy to wash and hardy fabric! I recommend her products for every equestrian! Her Instagram is E.c._Equestrian. Check it out for amazing products and tack!! If you’re intrested in buying my coupon code is Hannah10! 🙂


My Third Favorite Tack Brand: Smart Pak Breathable Girth and I love it so much! It looks like a nice leather girth, is super breathable and it’s perfect for hot days. I recommend for anyone having lessons or schooling! 


My Fourth Favorite Tack Brand: Plymouth Raised Fancy Stitch Bridle by Smart Pak. It’s perfect for schooling and lessons. I have been using it for 4 or 5 months now and I love how it stays in excellent condition.images.jpeg

Thank you everyone for reading! 🙂 

My Instagram is Hannah_Equestrian 





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