Horse Show Tips

Horse shows are a big part of competitive riding. At the shows, it’s important to not only take care of your horse, but to take care of yourself. Here are some tips to help make your shows go smoothly and make each outing fun:

DRINK: I can’t stress this enough. Drinking is so important for every athlete. Make sure to go to the show with lots of water (or money so you can buy it there). Throw in some sports drinks too; it’s important to replenish your electrolytes as you sweat. When you ride, ask a friend/coach/groom to hold your water. That way, you can have a drink before and after going into the ring. A lot of the time, the ingate has a water jug and paper cups for the riders. Feel free to take advantage of this!


Eat: Even if you’re nervous, make sure to eat. Athletes can’t preform without fuel. It’s incedibly important to give your body the nutrients it needs to preform to its best ability. Make sure to pack some food to eat on the go. Power bars are a great and quick way to fuel up!


Get out of the sun some: Summer horse shows are a blast, but make sure to take some time out of the sun’s powerful rays. Even with sunblock on, it’s easy to get too much sun. Make sure to keep yourself as cool as possible.


Keep yourself cool: It’s so easy to overheat. Keep yourself cool by drinking lots, staying in the shade, and using different resources. I personally love the “CHILL-ITS.” (CHILL-ITS) You simply wet these towels and the keep a damp chill. These towels are only priced around $7 on Amazon, so buy a few!

CHILL-ITS Towel (Blue)


Take a break: When your not showing, you don’t always have to stay around the show grounds. Take a break. Maybe go back to your hotel, and take some time in the AC; you won’t regret it.


Bring what you need: Stop at a local convenient store and stock up on water and sports drinks. Stop at a gas station to buy some ice. Bring a cooler, and fill it up! Horse shows are expensive, and they can be set up far from the amenities. This way you’ll have what you want right by you!


HAVE FUN: Enjoy yourself! This is fun! Enjoy competing, and practice good sportsmanship. Have a good atitude, no matter how your rounds go.


-Rachel P




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