Grooming Hacks!


Hey everyone! Every horse has their loves and hates. If some of those bad things are part of your grooming routine, keep reading to learn some hacks for grooming to keep the process comfortable and stress free!

Fly Spray


Does your horse not like fly spray on their face? Use rub on fly gel! Rub on fly gel is basically the same as fly spray but it is in gel form. It won’t scare the horses because it is basically you rubbing your horses head. (You can buy this at any tack shop! )
Make it a positive experience.
I had a horse named Noble who was absolutely terrified of the smell and feel of fly spray. If this is the case for your horse make sure to introduce any form of fly spray slowly!
How to: This fly gel works on legs too but don’t use it on their body as it makes them look slippery and greasy!

Hoof Polish

Did you know that hoof polish actually is really bad for your horses hooves? Despite looking good on your horse, it rots their hooves away… solution? Effol hoof gloss!
This hoof gloss makes your horses hooves look the same as they would with hoof oil but without the possible harm. Effol is good for protecting your horses hooves from water (apply before a bath), making the hooves shiny for shows and it also strengthens the hoof!
How to: Apply with the brush In the packaging on all 4 hooves before riding or doing just about anything with your horse!

Mane and Tail Brushing



When your horses mane and tail get tangled you have 2 options. Brush out the tail or use conditioner!
Brushing: make sure to start from the bottom and brush in small sections then work you way up. This is so you don’t pull out much tail to maintain a thick and healthy tail. For the main just brush it to the right side (the correct side for showing English) normally!
Conditioner: I recommend Cowboy Magic conditioner. When using it on a tail, just put some on your hands and rub it all over the tail then brush starting at the bottom. This makes your horses tail look shiny and sleek. For the mane, apply like you did for the tail then brush the main to the preferred side!

Hope these hacks helped you guys and I hope you try some!
Until next time,
Julia (@nikonh0rse)♥

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