Dear former trainers

Dear former trainers,

It varies why I’m no longer riding with you; from location to limits, there’s a reasonable reason we are no longer working together. However, this doesn’t mean I’m no longer benefiting from everything you’ve done for me.

You all win a little when I win, and loose a little when I loose. I am a product of all of your hard work and hours. Thank you for helping me learn and grow as both a person and a rider. At least once a ride I use something that you’ve taught me. When I walk in the show ring, I carry with me all that you’ve told me.

Thank you for the hours that you put into me and my horses; from crazy hours to record weather conditions, you rarely thought about yourself. You’d stand in the frigid cold for the rest of your life until we made that line work out, and without that perseverance, I wouldn’t have the skills I have today. You always put your personal needs behind your clients- whether it be skipping a meal for my under saddle, or waking up before dawn to get to my early morning classes.

Thank you for taking what I cared about seriously. Walking into the short stirrup class on my pony, you were 100% focused on my and my pony’s performance. I benefited from your intense dedication a countless amount of times.

Thank you for sticking by me for every moment that we worked together. I could never express my gratitude for all that you sacrificed for me properly, but I truly appreciate you.

Thank you,

Rachel (Porter)

Post learning the Short Stirrup course

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