Small Equestrian Businesses

In riding, us equestrians often continue to buy the same products that work for us and our horses. It works, so why not use it?? It seems to make sense! In this I’m going to tell you about 3 very different small businesses that I can’t help but share my love for.

The first one is Hippies On Horses (otherwise known as HOH by it’s fans). HOH has all natural products for horses and riders. The products are particularly good for sensitive skin. My favorite products are Soft n’ Shiny and Fungus-Be-GoneSoft n’ Shiny conditions your horses’ coat and hair. It works to gently detangle without making their tail itch. Common chemicals can lead to tail rubbing, and that can actually end up leading to a thinner tail. Soft n’ Shiny also helps maintain a thick and full tail. Fungus-Be-Gone is the perfect all natural and gentle treatment and prevention spray for cases of light scratches, rain rot, and all other horse fungi. After I bathe my horse and dry his legs, I spray on some Fungus-Be-Gone. It’s gentle enough for everyday use! When I order from HOH I ask for the products to be lavender oil free as lavender can be confused as a drug when a horse is drug tested at a show. The owner, Kori, has impeccable customer service. Hippies on Horses’ Instagram: @hippiesonhorses       When you order you can use my code HOHRACHEL for 5% off of your order.


Hippies on Horse Logo

Crystallize Equestrian is one of my favorite small equestrian businesses. They are known for their patented crystal bridle charms. My CE favorites would have to be my Lapis Luzili bridle charm and my Oil Diffusing Bracelet. My charm is good luck. I have a horse who tends to be sensitive so I keep it on my martingale instead of on his bridle. When ordering, you pick the crystal you want. Then, you select which charm you’d like with the crystal. Then, you select if you want a charm, necklace, or both.The Oil Diffusing bracelet is amazing. It is round with a nice little design on it, and the strap is a leather wrap. Inside (the top screws off), is a little pad. You put a couple drops of the oil blend of your choice (also sold at CE) on the pad every few days to keep the smell. As equestrians, after returning from (and while at) the barn we can tend to take the ‘horse odor’ home with us. This bracelet diffuses its’ fresh scent and keeps you smelling fresh even after a full day at the barn. I where mine everywhere. After seeing mine, my friends want one! Crystallize Equestrian’s Instagram is @crystallizeequestrian  . Their website is Crystallize Equestrian.             When ordering, you can use my code RACHEL10 for 10% off your entire order!!

Lapis Luzili with no additional charm


Screenshot 2016-07-10 17.50.27.png
Oil Diffusing Bracelet 


The last small business I will review today is Blue Saddles. Blue Saddles is a fine used saddle selling company. They will both help you sell your saddle and find you your dream saddle for an affordable price! They carry CWD, Voltaire, Antares, Butet, Devoucoux, and many other high end french saddles. Blue Saddles is owned and run by a competative amateur, Katy Baldini and a USEF hunter equitation judge/trainer; Dina Mazzola. Katy and Dina are the saddle dream team:

Katy brings her equestrian retail knowledge and passion for all things equestrian to bluesaddles, while Dina’s years of experience matching saddles to riders and horses, and riding in a variety of saddles has equipped her to offer practical advice on a variety of brands.

You truly can’t go wrong with these two. They offer trials, and are incredibly willing to work with you to find you and your horse the perfect saddle. Find out more on their website: Blue Saddles.

Blue Saddles Owners Dina (left) and Katy (right)

These three customer focused small businesses are among my favorites. I can’t recommend all of them enough, and every time I enter the ring, I’m using at least one thing by each of them. If you have an questions you can direct message me on my Instagram: @rachel.p0rter . (the 0 is a zero!! ♥)

Until next time,


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