Interview with @them.7.minis on Instagram!

Hello everyone! I’m Julia ( @nikonh0rse ) and I am a new blogging intern for The Preppy Equestrian Blog. I’m so excited to be here!

For my first article, I have interviewed @them.7.minis on Instagram and I also got to know her favorite riding outfit which I have for you guys to see!

Them 7 minis

Q: When did you decide you wanted to get a mini/ work with minis?

A: About 2 years ago I was just going through the YouTube and I saw @1itscrunchtime1 video and I thought it was honestly the coolest thing ever and I really wanted to try it myself

Q: Are you looking to get more than 7 minis eventually or train and sell minis in the future?

A: I do want to rescue/train/sell minis when I become older, and I’m hoping to maybe get one more mini cause I really wanna breed Pickles and Toby

Q: Will you show your minis someday?

A: I want to but there are no mini shows near me

Q: How do you manage all of your horses plus school and social life?

A: Honestly it’s really hard I don’t ever really get to have a social life with friends from school but I somehow manage to get all my horses and minis out 3-4 times every week

Q:What is your favorite riding outfit?

A: I love my @anniesusa light pink breeches with my @anniesusa white shirt and my equine couture bling belt.

You guys can click on the quick links to get to the website where she got her outfits from! I personally love the Annies breeches myself! Kaila (them.7.minis) is sponsored by Annies breeches and if you look through any of her accounts, you can see her wearing most or all of the pieces of the outfit. Kalia’s accounts are @them.7.minis , , @@caviars.journey , and @hoof.haven.farms .

I hope you guys enjoyed this interview with @them.7.minis! Any requests? Comment them below! (It doesn’t have to be interviews!)

See you all soon!


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