Hey there friends! So I want to introduce you to one of my favorite brands, who lucky for me, is a sponsor of mine! Ecolicious Equestrian. I have so many reasons that I love this brand & the ladies behind it. I want to share some of my favorite products from them with you today, since we are in the middle of show season & summer!

CaptureFirst off, let me say that EcoLicious has a brand new, stunning website that you should checkout! Their products are 100% free of nasty chemicals, parabens & silicone. All of their products are made with natural & organic, GMO free ingredients. Let me tell you, when I first came across this brand I was sold on this alone, because I am picky about it myself with my hair, so I knew that my horses would LOVE their products.


So these are a few of the things that I regularly keep in my barn from EcoLicious. They are my staple as far as bathing & grooming go. There are a couple not pictured here that I will include for you as well that I love. Everything smells AMAZING.

First off, the Squeaky Green & Clean is a MUST. It smells heavenly & my horses have never been softer after using it. At the last horse show, my young horse needed a bath the morning of & we had an 8:00 ride. We bathed her with the Squeaky Green & Clean , threw some Glossy in her tail & let her dry. I didn’t even have time to brush her & I had so many compliments about how shiny & soft she looked. I ran out of time to use the Silky but if you use that after the Squeaky Green & Clean you are golden.

Many of you know that my Grand Prix horse is a gray…. well for all of you out there that have a horse with white or a gray, the Blinded By The White is for you. I HATE the purple shampoos. I don’t like my hands being that color or the fact that sometimes it tints the horses. This is by far the best as the product is white. I use it in combination with the Squeaky Green & Clean & there you have a VERY clean & bright horse.

Let me tell you about Glossy. I used to be a Show Sheen fanatic…until I found  this. It is way better than Show Sheen any day & not to mention way better for my horses. One thing that I use all the time is the Squeaky Green & Clean waterless shampoo spray. If I have a horse that has spots the morning of the show or if it is winter & I can’t bathe, then this is the handiest tool of them all! Something else that they have that is amazing is the De-stress. It is an amazing detangler for manes & tails. This product helps to keep my horses manes & tails from getting dry.

They also have some amazing people products as well. I will tell you that at horse shows I have been known to use the horse products in my hair… they make it incredibly soft. All of their products are AMAZING. If you love organic & things that smell great, then this is the brand for you & your horses.

Be sure to check them out! Even Fritz approves!






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