My Everyday Grooming Routine

DSC_2101.JPG    Hi I’m Hannah Burchfield and I own a 9-year-old Ottb named Phippen! I can’t wait to share my everyday routine with all of y’all!

DSC_2094.JPGMy first step of the routine is to heavily curry Phippen everywhere to help get rid of dirt and dander.

DSC_2102My second step is to hard brush his stomach, chest, back and legs to get excess hair and dirt off.

DSC_2127My third step is to pick all his hoofs and put hoof conditioner on to reduce dry, cracking hoofs.

DSC_2137My fourth step is to soft brush his face, nose and under his forelock to prepare for his bridle.IMG_8575

My sixth and final step is to get my favorite YL Oil Live With Passion and rub it on my chest and Phippen’s neck to bring a great aroma that helps us feel ready and fresh before we ride!

Grooming is a great way to get rid of dirt, dander and prevent fungus. It’s also a great way to build a trust and bond with your horse.

My grooming supply recommendation:

Bronco Fly Spray

Oster grooming brushes

Cowboy Magic Detangler

Show Sheen

YL Horse Shampoo


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