My Tribe: The Horse Friends

A tribe is most well know from Native Americans that roamed freely over the USA. But a tribe really is a close knit group of friends (and family) that share loves and beliefs.

Really, you just need to find people that can put up with your crazy horse shenanigans. But, alas, we can’t find tons of people that fits that bill. I have been lucky enough to find 4 awesome people that support me and Pinky. Drew likes to pamper Pinky with lots of brushing and treats. Elise likes to make fun of us when we do stupid things because she is a fellow equestrian and does them too. Savannah loves to feed Pinky french fries and take videos of us in our natural habitat. And, last but not least, Taylor likes to take photos of us when we look pretty.

Top: Drew & Elise Bottom: Savannah & Taylor 

Each of the people in my tribe I love for different reasons. I love Taylor for her ability to keep me intact in the moments of craziness, Drew for his preppiness and ridiculousness all at the same time (because  mane and tail brush is totally used for the neck lol). I love Elise because she is just like me and laughs at me when I look funny or do stupid stuff and Savannah because she is there through thick and thin, no matter what. I am so happy that I get to call them mine and they are in my life.

And finding these kinds of friends is hard. They normally emerge from the hardships that the fake friends put you through. It just goes to show you who really deserves you and who doesn’t. The fact that they love you horse just as much as they love you is an added bonus. So, go on and build your horse loving tribe.


Until next time preps,


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