Brand Review: EC Equestrian!

Saddle pads are every equestrian’s kryptonite. And if you say that you don’t love saddle pads, you are lying to yourself. I personally LOVE saddle pads! With one in almost every color, my pony is always looking spiffy. But, by far, my favorite pad ever is my custom one from EC Equestrian!

EC Equestrian is a small privately owned business based out of Richmond Hill, Georgia. “We strive to make high quality, customizable, handcrafted products to fit each client. We are mostly known for our fun and unique designs while keeping the basic property of each product.” says owner Elizabeth Chasisson.

Screenshot 2016-05-31 09.47.08
My custom navy and pink quatrefoil dressage pad from EC Equestrian being modeled by Pinky

I purchased my custom dressage pad (pictured above) in March this year and have used it about 10 times on 3 different horses and 3 different saddles. Normally, I am pretty rough on pads because of the high intensity work that I do. But, it looks just like it did when I got it in the mail. All of the stitching, fabric, and billet straps are holding up so well!

Did I mention that it is super versatile? During the summer, I work at the barn schooling different horses for my trainer and what not. It has fit every horse I have backed it with. Originally made for my 14.2hh pony who has some cushion for the pushing to fit my long flapped County Saddlery© Connection Saddle; it has worked for Bugatti, the slender 18hh Draft Thoroughbred Cross that I school, perfectly.

Screenshot 2016-05-31 10.08.32
Bugatti modeling my pad after a good workout!

Also, I have used it when I cross train my mare on the jump course. The jumping saddle I use is the County Saddlery© Innovation Saddle in Oakbark. When we cross train, it is never easy. I struggled to find a pad that didn’t slip on her slick summer coat, didn’t retain moisture like a sponge, and was a bit longer to protect her side from girth rub. We had tried everything and nothing did the trick. I finally had the genius idea to use my EC Equestrian pad. It has a super grippy underside that never slips, is moisture wicking and helps keep her cool, and it is dressage sized so it comes down far enough to give her some girth protection. Basically it is the best pad around!

The customer service is outstanding and product quality is impeccable. Overall, I would 100% recommend this company and everything that they put out! They have sales and deals on a regular basis so make sure to check her out on instagram @e.c._equestrian_ to keep up! If you are looking into purchasing from her, use my code SYDNEY10 for 10% off your purchase too.

Have a fantastic day preps and see you soon,


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